Wiggles-Bowl revisited

This settles it. The Oilers are more powerful than Dora the Emplorer, but the Wiggles trump the Argos.

Dora the Explorer gets hip-checked by Oilers
Canadian Press

EDMONTON — Dora the Explorer and her monkey sidekick will have to find adventure elsewhere as the Edmonton Oilers try to shake a different kind of ape off their backs by winning the Stanley Cup.

After years of missing or barely scraping into the playoffs, the team's quest to win the NHL championship had put them on a collision course with the seven-year-old cartoon girl's stage show at Rexall Place, the arena where the Oilers play home games.

Both the team and the children's entertainer were booked in for June 17. That's when Game 6 of the final series will be played should that game be necessary.

Northlands, the organization that runs Rexall Place, became aware of the situation when the NHL released the schedule last week.

On Monday, Northlands announced Dora is being moved to Hall D of Edmonton's AgriCom. Her shows will still take place at the original times — two on the 17th and two on the 18th.

The Wiggles, that still cracks me up!