wierd members

Why are there so many wierd members on this website, it is frustrating when members discuss matters in the forum who do not have a clue about football, take for example dinogirl#8, because you know of someone makes you this big fan all of the sudden, seriously if you dont know anything about the sport save your 2 cents and buy some candy

3/4 of the members of the site would be banned then... :smiley:

Define weird. What's next, ban people who can't spell the word weird??

If you don't like the post... don't read it.

Why is it, that from the first day you got on here, you’ve been messaging me, telling me to get lost? I think I will report you.

I find the westeast name rather weird!


Just joking…There are many more things in this world to get bent out of shape about.

Let’s relax and enjoy the season regardless of what your username is…


I personally don't care if people know anything about a sport or not to come on to discussion forums and post. What I don't like are non-fan type people who come on for the sole purpose of inflammatory behavior, just to get people upset who are fans or who want to be fans. What do you call these people, spammers I think it is? These are the sorts that give discussion forums a bad name.

You’re about to be banned soon.

wow you guys are a bunch of babies..."your about to be banned"...."i think we should ban so and so"....mostly everyone on here is a ticat fan so why would u want to ban others jus because they talk about something different...grow up

the problem is that people try and read forums to get knowledge about what is going on in the game and when you have notes that are truly obscene, then fans are not getting good information, as well crazy fans are never good, scary is a better way to put it. I mean almost stocker like, kind of like dg8

if u want cfl fans to learn about the game then why are you making posts about weird members...why wouldnt you make a topic about the ticats next game on saturday or sumtin

You actually took the time to start a thread to slam another member?? Wow. I wouldn't be replying to this troll, except that I've read many posts by dinogirl and I've never seen her say anything bad about anyone or slam anyone. If you don't like the "weird" members here try posting on another site. It's people like you who take the fun out of posting here.

"Of course God created man before He created woman. Like any artist, He had to do a rough draft before He moved on to creating His masterpiece."

borehamgirl, but maybe the rough draft ended up better than the masterpiece, what, he only had some seven days I think to create the world, I doubt he ever got to the masterpiece with this little amount of time.


All in fun here, okey dokey?

These forums have clearly jumped the shark


We encourage all fans, not just knowledgeable fans, to participate in our forums. Every member has something to learn and something to offer.