Wide Reciver Changes!

chris brazzell will be starting at slotback for us, next to stegall, and as for the wideout positions Darnell Mcdonald has tooken over Sutherlands Job and Gilles Colon will be starting on the other side

it sure looks like the Bomber brass are prepared to really shake things up....can only be a good thing when you are 1and 6....I like the line-up... :!:

couldn't hurt.......get your programs...starting to look like a pre-season game with all the new faces in...

I wonder why they are placing Brazzell at SB instead of WR ?

Regardless, it sure is a different looking receiving corps than the one that started the season!

Oh baby Im pumped again, lets hope they dont flop. But I cant see it, just too much talent out there now and throw Stoddard and Stokes into the mix, its gotta click now.

Hoping good things happen… :slight_smile:

Only good things can happen when you got better receivers. Now teams wont think that its usually going to stegall.


The only problem I see with starting three new receivers is that they may not be as familiar with the passing routes and the playbook, which could potetially cause some errors on the field - especially with Brazell because he is so new.

I can’t wait to see all the new receivers in action - I’ve already got my tickets for Satirdays game!!

Hmmmm, it doesnt sound like McDonald will be starting this game, whats up with that.

I bet Brazzell will be wearing a parka tonight because it is most likely gonna be a chilly nite. :wink: I like the new recieving corps. Colon and Brazzell at WR and Stegall and Stokes at SB. I too will be going to the game later on tonight and can't wait to see us in action again. An 8 pm game start. Later the better.


Well folks lets get ready for the game....with all the changes there should be some excitment....hopefully there will be a break out receiver for the Blue Bombers..... :smiley:

Well there were just four members on line now there is 9 com-on lets get excited about tonites game.....can't wait till 8:00 for the game to start....does anyone know who is the starting QB????

hey pigseye didnt stegallfan say that Darnell McDonald is starting at wideout?

Todays Press, has Brazzell & Milt inside with Colon and Stokes - Stoddard outside, no mention of McDonald.

Saw a few folks with toques on at the start of the Calgary game last night, wont as bad here tonight but will be chilly, low of 9C. Sweat shirt weather for sure.

Stoddard and Colon were great, Stokes was outstanding and Milt and Brazzell came up with plays when they mattered. Isnt nice to have receivers who can actually catch and make plays.

I think we finally found our reciever combo......now to keep them all healthy....

the dept chart on ourbombers kept chaning till the rotation till now