Wide Receivers

in my opinion our biggest problem area. I think we have our possession guy in Chris Bauman, and i also think Jason French has great potential and maybe can be one of Printers top targets, but we don't really have that deep target. I expected more of Jason Armstead this season but he did not perform. Maybe he should get another opportunity but i still think we need another deep threat. I think Brock Ralph needs the next flight out, maybe we can get a second round draft pick for him.

i totally agree with receivers being our biggest need

if i am not mistaken, Arland Bruce, Matt Dominguez, and Kenyon Rambo r all free agents.

i would like to get 2 of those guys, r one and another good reciever that is a free agent

i think Chris Bauman showed SOME flashes of potential, and jason french did seem okay when he came in

but i still think we need 2 great receivers signed this off season

Bauman could not catch a Cold this year.
He started out good but after those two misses in Edmonton he Fell a part.

I'd trade him and our 1st Round For a Better American WR. We have Ralph and French for our Canadians.

Fantuz was exactly as bauman was in his first year. Give him next year to prove himself, if he hasnt improved, then i agree to trade or 2nd string him.

Fantuz had a reutation in his first year as a guy who would NOT drop a ball.
He had some bobbles early this year, but I think the two are comparable only in their home country.

New receivers won't matter when the o-line is so bad. Think about some good player there first. The receivers will get better with more time to get down the field, into the zone bubbles etc. and the QBs have more time to relax and throw.

You want to trade 2 first overall draft picks for a better American WR?????

And i thought Marcel was bad.

I shouldve known better not to trust CBC.

If I'm GM there's no way I trade Bauman, I think the kid is going to develop into a very good receiver. Move him inside to the slot and I think he'll do very well in the future.

Good Canadian WR are Easy to Find.
We need Some Better Imports Crash.

I don't think good Canadian WRs are that easy to find. Canadian receivers maybe but not good ones. Even Fantuz had a so-so game on Sunday. He redeemed himself with the TD pass and run for a TD but he dropped at least one catchable ball. And Brock is nowhere near Fantuz--he would've gone down before he got to the goal line. Bauman gets another year to show he has what it takes or he gets labelled just another Brock.

If Stubler becomes HC in TO, Bruce may move on. Apparently, Bruce is too much of a 'me' guy for Stubler's FIFO philosophy. Fit In or F**k Off. So he might actually be a possibility.

One thing is certain, they need to upgrade the position. Why get Printers if he has no one to throw to?

An Argo-Cat fan

A guy I would recommend, Todd Blythe from Iowa State. He is crazy talented. He has a 40 inch vertical and set school records all over the place but since he went to a relatively unknown school probably wont go the NFL route.

More than a cure!!!!
Move Bauman to slot with another 15 lbs of muscle. (Fantuz is 15 lbs heavier than Bauman and that makes a difference). Put Lumsden at slot. (He's shown very good "hands", his running ability at slot would be 2nd to none, but think of his overall effectiveness at knocking down cornerbacks, DB's, or linebackers in blocking schemes or those who try to jam him.) At wide-out I would trade trade Arms"dead" and French back to Riders for DJ Flick (Tillman would probably want another prospect thrown in) and give Ralph another shot. With all the muscle going across and around the middle, Ralph could pattern all his routes deeper and open things up with his speed.