Wide Receivers

I was suprised that The Als let O'Neil go as he was productive last year although Calvillo did not look to him in the Grey Cup Game. Perhaps Popp believes he has signed better talent for the position. Looking at the present lineup there are several signed wide receivers signed from US colleges. Most likely O'Neil's replacement is one of these guys. Can anyone tell the readers of the backround, and, skill of the player THe Als received in this trade.

From the press release:

Huclack was named the Canada West Defensive Player of the Year in 2006, finishing the year as the conference’s leading tackler with 47 defensive tackles, two sacks, two interceptions, a forced fumble and a knockdown. He was named a Canada West All-Star for the second consecutive season and was a finalist for the CIS President’s Award for Defensive Player of the Year, which is awarded annually to the top defensive player in Canadian university football.

Huclack is also a top-notch long-snapper, so his special teams ability and the fact that the Als don't have much Canadian depth at LB are plusses.

Well we can expect that Mackey and Ellis will alternate at MLB as last year. On the outside we have any combination of Taylor, Grace, and Strickland. So at best the new kid's a backup.

For Canadian LBs we already have listed on the roster Donovan Carter, Ryan Folk, Etienne Boulay (unless they move him to the secondary, which I am hoping), Patrick Dorvelus, and Chris Vrantsis. So we DO have depth at Canadians for LB. Just they may not be all that good........but given that none of them will be starters anyway, who cares?

I suppose the new kid may replace Dorvelus (who has never shown much in particular), and probably we'll only see him on special teams.

Question is why trade a starting receiver (and the receiving corps is one of our weak spots) for at best a backup?

This trade still puzzles me somewhat. Hope the new kid is a special teams demon and silences me but good.

Wilson has concentration issues. Calvillo gave up on him. He will be in Toronto next year...Als needed a long snaper badly. This is a good trade for both teams.

Wilson's time was up. The guy is 29 and still hadn't established a permanent spot on the roster, and it wasn't because Calvillo didn't go to him. Good receivers are going to get cut at training camp, so hopefully we can pick up some other team's rejects and turn them into gold.

psssst... Elijah Thurmon :wink:

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Brian Bratton is a good one they sighned, A hard worker with a lot of talent. Has anybody seen any practices yet?

Lol...looks like Popp heard you!

Actually, yeah. He was my favorite Rookie WR today at practice. Great hands and ready for the ball. Wilson sucked MAJOR a... :smiley: Thank got we were able to get SOMETHING in return. With him and Anderson gone, we just got Dropkins left and we have a good WR corps again :smiley: :smiley:

Just read that the TiCats cut Kwame Cavil. I wouldn't mind having him back here if he comes cheap.

I'd be willing to give him another look-see; sure can't hurt.

LOL!! If he can't even make the Ti-cats WR Roster he MUST be done too! :smiley:

Well you would think so at first glance.......but remember Duane Butler, he got cut in Hamilton and then went on to be a pretty decent player in Montreal, so stranger things have happened. I think all we're saying is it can't hurt to bring him in for a look-see if the braintrust thinks we need more depth at WR. Nothing to lose.

And Cavil did enjoy his most productive season in the CFL with us (1000 yards). It's worth a shot. It's not exactly like we have an elite group of receivers in any case.

Pour ma part j'ai tres hate de voir les receveurs! I miss Killers ''C'' :frowning: