Wicked game

I must admit that was a good game to watch ! Nice win Tn.

Great game is right! Bombers are the team to beat now. Finding it hard to root for Sask, in fact I am quite sure that`s the wrong move, because I see Sask as the cross over team. BC is so much better than their record, I see them as a real force in the playoffs.

Anyway we will catch Ti Cats and then they can worry about a possible cross over. WOW....Durant is up to 17 ints.

Think we should do away with the cross over

We have to lose this week and next week before you can talk about the certainty of catching up to us lol.

Actually TiCats where my team going in to this season, the signing of Bish to Bombers changed all that, but Cats are close to my heart. I think Ticats will hang on to hold the Riders from a cross over though, so keep your chin up, it will most likely be Bombers hosting the Cats in the East Semi final.

Well, paulpearson~Kellyfanatic~bramletgirl, you just might turn out to be right on that. . . but on the other hand, it could equally well be Hamilton hosting Winnipeg for the eastern semifinal. . . right now, I wouldn't put any of my own money on a bet either way. . .

if I had to make a bet, I'd say it would be Hamilton hosting Winnipeg.. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the Bombers catch Hamilton, but its far from a guarantee. Hamilton isn't as bad as they looked last week against Montreal, at least I don't think they are.

Either way would be great right...btw I took your advice and went to my original/first name, the other 2 are history.