wicked defensive line if we pick up.....

Now if we really do have brandon Guillory and we can come to terms with Tom Canada and actually get Cory Mace to play DT and Matt Kirk plays the other DT..our defensive line would look really good

what does everyone else think??

There wont be two non-imports on the D-line. If Mace signs it will be him and Kirk to battle it out. Forget about Canada unless he is interested and comes at a good price.

Exactly right. Leave Adams in there, and Kirk, Reid, and Mace can battle it out for the other spot. Or bring in Claybrooks and he and Adams can hold it down inside. We don't necessarily need a non-import on the D-Line.

I'm pretty confident we will start 6 CDNs on Offence.

Forget Tom aka (Pantload) Canada playing for the cats. If you recall Mr. Hollywood would not report when a deal was struck to send Moreno to the Peg. I am sure Obie will come up with other players who want to be here.

I kinda like

Walls - Brown - Williams - Johnson

now that would be wicked. :wink:

Kirk is not a starter



A great and very possible line would be Adams,Guillory, Canada and Mace

My Hamilton does not include Canada.

:D Canada I hate this guy :thdn:

I'm sure he doesn't have much of a choice about where he wants to go and you can't deny the fact that he'd be a great addition to our DL. You can't let personal feelings get in the way of building a football team. If we did we'd be the happy-friendly bunch with a 25 year straight record of 0-18 because we feel bad making other teams lose.

If we were to sign Canada after his snub last year, I would seriously think about giving up my tickets. Obie looked bad on that deal to begin with. Signing Canada would make him look terrible.
You know the old saying " Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."