wich QB is going to be shown the door?

With training camp now in full swing, the question is, what if huff going to do with the QB situation? Since he has taken the reigns of the Stamps, i dont recall him ever having four QB's on the roster. I can recall when higgins was the coach, he had a four man qb roster much like Barker did last year. THree on the regular roster, and a fourth on the practice roster. i wanna say brannigan spent most of last year on the PR. When higgins wasa here, i think he had burris as the starter, sankey as backup, Akili smith at number three, and Neally maybe as the PR qb. that being said, please correct me if im off. i remember having a program from that year, and four QBs doing a QB pose. Barker was also the genereal manager i believe at that time. or director of player personal. If memory serves, smith was cut around labour day return.

with all that being said... as of last week, it was comming out of camp that Gachette had the upper hand on sinoppili. We already know Burris(Mr. Calgary) will be #1. tate, our starter when burris retires and im sure gets a coahcing postition, or special something or other, will be number two. So then number #3... and takers?

Possibly we could see sinoppili on the PR liuke brannigan was last year. change his position to WR so he can fill a ratio spot. let him take snaps in practice. but we know brad wants to play QB. so what does anyone think will be the result? One thing the stamps have that most camps dont, is knowing who the number one and two are going into camp.

just a side note to anyone who cares, Reggie McNiel was seen warming up and throwing with the QB's but has since been running routes. Its looking like my foot it going into my mouth... I said he wouldnt make the team, but it seems as though huff will have a place for him.

None of the QB's were really helped out last night as there were plenty of dropped balls. To me Sinopoli looked better than Gachette last night but I don't think Gachette had that many play calls that showed off what he could do other than run.

...Gachette released, Sinipoli is #3 (for now, so he says)....