Whyte n'est plus seul

Les Alouettes sont allés chercher Delbert Alvarado, le botteur que les Timinous ont passé en audition jeudi dernier à Montréal.

Il semble que les entraîneurs aient vu les mêmes choses que vous au sujet de Whyte. Et il est sûrement pas mal moins cher que Medlock...

Good news. Any competition at kicker is going to help the team.

Alvarado is punting well tonight judging by the stat line on cfl.ca.

Devine rips off a 64-yard punt return to inside Toronto's 30!

Run-blocking is awful again. RBs constantly getting stuffed for no / minimal gain or negative yards. :thdn: Verducci has work to do.

Porter gets sacked but Alvarado puts us back in front with a chip shot FG. If I were Sean Whyte, I'd be VERY nervous...

Adebayo blows up a running play in the backfield for a loss. Well done, Bo!

Hebert tackles Toronto RB short of the first down. I think Kyries at Will is going to pay dividends for us...

Some pretty interesting things happening so far, most notably the impressive Noel Devine return!

A solid punt by Alvarado just now, too.

Alvarado has punted 50 yards a couple of times and cover teams have been really good limiting Toronto's gains. If I'm Rychleski I know who my kicker is and his name isn't Whyte...

He's explosive if you give him a seam. Problem is, under Tracksuit we never had a seam, or any semblance of blocking. I already feel better about Rychleski than I did in three years of Tracksuit..

Porter isn't exactly distinguishing himself tonight. Tons of incomplete passes.

Alvarado with another 50-yard punt and we limit Trent Guy to 7 yards on the return. Somebody pinch me...

Yeah, 1 completion off 7 attempts is pretty sad. Certainly not the Quinton Porter we saw last game.

And finally, some decent special teams, eh? Like a dream come true. :wink:

Toronto punts 40 yards and no return for us but we take over at our own 39. SERIOUSLY OUR OWN 39, not our own 15 or 10. The field position, I've forgotten what it's like... :smiley:

61 yard punt by Alvarado! Man, this is the punter we've needed!

EDIT: And a special teams tackle by Burney for a loss of 3 yards, too. Oh man. :slight_smile:

We go two-and-out but Alvarado punts us 61 yards into Toronto's territory and negative yardage on their return. I've never been so happy to see us punting in my life! :lol:

It's so hard to know how much of it is on him, though. Last game we were just Team Vanilla Surprise in all phases and tonight he's playing with the second-stringers again, so I doubt the full playbook or anything close to it is available. He's a gamer, though, so if he does have to come in during a game, he should elevate...

And finally, some decent special teams, eh? Like a dream come true. :wink:
I seriously don't know how to feel. Shock is the main emotion right now! :lol:

Impressive drive by Tanner Marsh just now. Not bad at all for a new guy!

Tanner Marsh 47 yd TD pass!

Alvarado kicks off to the 11 yard line, TO returner tackled at the 18 - the Toronto 18! :rockin:

Well, well, Tanner Marsh! :smiley: