Whyte, Collins, Roy released

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/alouettes-release-three-players-including-kicker-sean-whyte]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... sean-whyte[/url]

Jim Popp is back in town...Watch out...

Too bad we could not trade him.

His punting was frustrating at times, but he was an accurate FG kicker from within 42 yards.

Good luck to Sean Whyte.

I would assume the Als tried to trade Whyte to the RedBlacks but that they preferred Chris Milo who as a free agent didn`t cost them anything. Interesting debate as to who is better - Whyte or Milo..

And then there`s Ronnie Pfeffer who came out of nowhere for the Argos. When Waters comes back the Argos will have a possible trading asset.

Whyte once told me on twitter to go and follow my ball hockey dreams. Well its my turn to tell him to go and follow his flag football dream loser.

This is really uncalled-for. Whatever Whyte's shortcomings as a punter, he was a pretty reliable placekicker for us through the years and I'm not going to pile on him now that he's out of a job. Whyte hasn't played a single regular-season game this year; he's not the reason we're 2-4.

I wish him all the best.

With many players coming off the 6 game injured list, players currently on the active roster will either go to the practice roster or 1 game injury list; for this reason costs had to be reduced on SMS-release of Whyte- and spot made on practice roster.-release of Collins.-


Yep, I thought of that too. Lavarias is coming back, and Marsh must be not too far off either.

I agree.

I love the sudden hypocritical self-righteousness - rags someone for calling Whyte a loser, but it`s O.K. to call Mr. Wetenhall a senile old coot. :roll:

Is Sean Whyte one of the 1% in wealth? No, he's not. He's a guy who just lost his job. Big difference between him and Wetenhall, who is IMO indeed a senile old coot and who has lost the plot of how to run a good franchise.

But whatever, that's about the last time I engage with you and your sad little attempts to bait me on the forum. Go back to your content-free sheep posts, and enjoy yourself.

You`re pretty big on dishing out, quite soft when you have to receive.

If hes allowed to call me out on Twitter im allowed to call him a loser. Fyi i got a call from the alouettes and tom higgins appologizing for his behaviour. Job or no job i dont care he is a teeny weeny LOSER! Hes even been a loser from the beginning of camp whinning to the media about his job. He made the team look even more mickey mousy with the "i have no idea whats going on nobody is telling me anything" my opinion thats it.

And what irks me even more is we have been shitting on him for the past 5 yrs demanding change and now hes cut loose oh poor him. Hes made 100k more than any of us will ever make. He will survive.

Mike, you`re not saying what you said to him on Twitter to make him call you out.

Long time ago i had posted it here. Blaming the coaches and other ppl for his crappy kicking. Push came to shove i had a pic of myself and he felt the need to tell me "to keep my ball hockey dreams alive" or something in that manner. Ive been waiting for my chance ever since.

Maybe we should sign this guy plus he can double as a collector for Mr. Wetenhall when needed...

[url=http://nypost.com/2015/08/11/jets-qb-geno-smith-breaks-jaw-on-sucker-punch-by-teammate/]http://nypost.com/2015/08/11/jets-qb-ge ... -teammate/[/url]

Whyte looked very promising when he first got here, replacing the increasingly erratic Duval. However the last two years with Whyte were a big disappointment. He missed several key FGS in big situations and punt distances at crucial times were abysmal. Bede looks better already!

Actually Whyte should try ball hockey himself. He might be good at it; there is no tackling involved :stuck_out_tongue:

The new rules have killed any chance of Whyte ever being allowed to punt again in the CFL. At best he may find a place kicker job.