Why're away teams wearing third jerseys--not white ones?

First Edmonton in Montreal, then again on the weekend, Toronto vs. Winnipeg. I didn't know that was legal before!

Does it matter...?

i liked winnipeg wearing the gold's as road jerseys...should do it all the time.

not edmonton tho...only exception should be winnipeg.

Edmonton's 3rd jerseys are terrible. The bomber 3rd jersey not as bad , but not that great either. Im not sure why so many sports teams are going to 3rd jerseys, they all bite the big one, I would rather see them go to vintage uniforms,helmets included.

Edmonton should be fined $1,000,000 everytime they put those wastes of clothing on... lol

hahahahaha...i think edmonton should be fined $1,000,000 everytime they wear anything other than the yellow pants..and fined again for wearing the yellow jerseys.

Sounds even better! lol

I think Edmonton should be fined for being just..........Edmonton

Now,now Dentor. No need to get nasty! We need to be nice to the football Gods - until the Grey Cup is in our hands anyway.

REally? Because the riders are fairly decent in black :wink:

I like to think that we Canadians can differentiate the two teams on the field even if there isn't one dressed in white.

Who cares? They can wear whatever they want.