Why is it that the defending GC champs cannot win a game?

Why are the Eskies in the basement in the West?

Why are the Eskies getting so many penalties?

Why is Ray at the top of QB standings when he can never get the ball across the goal line?

Why is Maccocia such an idiot (cutting good players, and then begging them to come back)?

Why is Rick Campbell such an idiot (calling a blitz on 2nd & 29????? Had to laugh on that play!)?

Why does the Eskie offense s.u.c.k so much?

Why does the Eskie defense s.u.c.k so much?

Why did the Eskies concede two points twice last night?

Why did that Eskie defender drop what would have been a perfect interception from Bucky?

Why do the Eskies s.u.c.k so bad...they're looking like the Leos did in the second half of last year, and if they don't change soon, your 34 year streak of trips to the playoffs could be ended.

Here's hopin'! :cowboy:

because A: You're getting OLD (the Esks)
B: Maccioca isn't much of a Head Coach
C: Teams are finally figuring out how to stop Ricky Ray
D: Esks lost 3 O-Line Starters, a Backup QB and a couple defensive stars
E: the Reason that the Esks gave up 2 safety's last night was because they'd rather give up 2 then with the good field position from a punt they'd give up and more likely give up 7!

it's called field position.

Not if you have confidence in your defense, like the Leos showed they did with their defense.

They didn't "lose" a backup QB, they gave him away.

Oh, and why does the CFL censor the word "s.u.c.k"?

punting from where the esks were yesterday would have probably resulted in field position for the lions where they'd already be in field goal range. Those two plays are two of the only ones I agreed with last night.

Well hwqill I like your question's but is the office smart enough to answer them? If they're anything like tht so called coaching staff....there's ur answer.
My answer to your qs. sums it all up:
I really do hope they can do something to stay in this. :?

yeah i agreed with you. FIRE BOTH OF THEM NOW!!!!

yep it's hard to turn on a coach that just won us a cup last year, but we should really Kent Austin his a$$