does edmonton have the tiebreaker with BC, is it because we beat them??????. i thouight tie breaker when on points for

the point differential comes after the head to head matches.

As I have tried to state many times here, tie breaking rules MEAN NOTHING until all 18 games have been played. So, for example, if the riders beat calgary today, and create another 4 way tie in the West; it is completely pointless to try and figure out the math to determine who is in first, and who is in last. They are all in first, and they are all in last.

Yup, exactly.

But just to rub it back in some people’s faces :smiley: , i’d like to mention that the roughriders are in LAST place right now. Hopefullly for you guys, you dont stay in LAST for too long now, because staying in LAST isn’t a good thing.

EXACTLY esks123 thts whay i asked lol

Hey, nothing wrong with reminding a rider fan when they are in LAST PLACE.

Don't worry boys.. we won't need to do the math to figure out that the 3-1 Stampeders are #1 once today is over.

Nothing wrong with esks fans either its s shame theres only 1 real one in here that doesnt disappear when the going gets tough

I don’t recall alot of posts from you, mada7, right after the Grey Cup game in November. You know, the one where your precious Allouettes team lost AGAIN to The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos? There were plenty of oppportunities for you to speak up, but you disappeared. I guess you aren’t a real fan.

like i said after winnipeg got their lucky win i cambe abck and took ym medicine

Yes I was and I congratulated the eskimos for winning. It is interesting though that the one time anyone actually wants you to be online, after that spectacular 40 something to 10 game you were nowhere to be found and esks123 had to absorb all the taunts that everyone had prepared for you and your (hopefully) alter ego RnR. Way to support your team

Actually, no you weren’t, mada7. I was specifically keeping my eye out for you, and you were mysteriously quiet. In fact, a quick search of you post history, and anybody can see that you were posting on Grey Cup day about the best place to watch the game, and then your next posts were about predictions for next season. No comments on the game, no congratulations, no eating the crow that you so richly deserved. You are a total hypocrite. I’m sure you would have had plenty to say, but after crapping the bed AGAIN against the Eskimos in the ONLY game of the year that matters, you had nothing to say. Did you break your ankle jumping off the bandwagon?

w/e mada i was here right after the loss.. and warner hes a liberal...YOU THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA TELL THE TRUTH

Wow Im so touched. I rarely if ever do post game discussions here win or lose. I saw the same thing everyone else did and got ltos of analysis from the TV I only chime in if theres any discussion about specific plays that have their own discussion. If I ever go online for post game discussion I usually go to sportsnet with the same username.

All this goes without saying that you only joined these forums a few months ago and seeing as im not a heavy poster here I question the validity of your statement that you were looking for me

EDIT: Ill give you some credit RnR you did show up to take your lumps. A little late but you did show up and in this case I might owe you an apology.

I said that head to head matches come first in the tie-breaker,then the point differential, but of course it is after the regular season is over, I just assumed that is what RNR was referring to with his question.

Matters not if you question the validity of my statement, mada7. The bottom line is, you turtled and hid when your team blew it again in the Grey Cup game. I question the validity of your protestations to the contrary.

I DONT DO POSTGAMES. Show me one post where I gloated about a win I got over 400 so surely if I always gloat and brag about wins then surely theres gotta be a few posts in there that you can point to to prove that I did anything after the grey cup game that I didnt do after any other game

Who said anything about you doing anything DIFFERENT after the Grey Cup game, than after any other LOSS? I never said you did anything DIFFERENT, than you normally do. What I said, was that after the Grey Cup game, you were nowhere to be found. Complete silence, until several days later, when you posted about the upcoming season. You NEVER ONCE even acknowledged that the Grey Cup game had occured, let alone take your lumps, eat your crow, and congratulate The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos on beating your team AGAIN for the Grey Cup. That is what you claimed you did. And you didn’t. Get it?

There was no one that was calling for me to take lumps for it. I dont taunt or brag or make ridiculous claims so people dont ever have the desire to taunt me about a loss. I treat a win the same way I treat a loss, its just a game and theres no point in taunting or bragging because no one wins forever. The rare break I take from these boards is for school or work reasons and no one has anything but kind words for me when I get back. I didnt but shouldve aknowleged that the esks won but thats about all I did wrong. It was in no way an embarrassing loss and Im proud of how well the als played that game. They were in it until the very last play. I had and still dont have any animosity towards esk fans and other than to you Ive been a very polite member on these boards and when a bad loss rolls around that kind of politeness pays its dividends.

Show me one post from after the grey cup of people wanting to taunt me or any of my fellow als fans for that matter. Myself and the other als fans here have always been very curtious, respectful posters so people dont feel the need to taunt us after a loss. And if not for you it’s likely that people would feel the same way about the esks