1. Last night the specialty team got a failing grade. How is it with a player like Holmes we can't make more than a couple of return yards? Yes Holmes had a bad night but where was the up and down field blocking?
  2. To bad we didn't get Baron Simpson. Our line backing is too soft. We consider it a good stop on a running play after the back is stopped after gaining five yards past the line of scrimmage.
  3. Why do our defensive backs play 10 yards off their man?
  4. Why do you go to a three man front on second and 10 against a great passer when our backs play 10 yards off their man?
  5. Last year I watched Ottawa make great half time offensive adjustments and beat us. This year against the Argos (no deep passes) Montreal (the same play over and over (wide out)) what's up?
    Watching both games I just can't help but feel that we didn't recruit in some vital areas such as the db's and linebackers. Hope they start bringing in some players soon.

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LOL never thought id see that...