Why is it when i submit a message i get logged out

I guess because i knocked ticket prices.
what a joke.

Because you are always complaining and the moderators are tired of your bullsh** :rockin:

Sometimes when I go to the quick reply I get logged out ...happened three times over the past weeks ....

use the "new reply" not quick reply until this glitch is fixed...I guess

After how many messages I have typed in the last couple of weeks getting wiped out because the thread was deleted (1), locked (1) or just plain old burped (3 or 4) and lost what I was trying to post I have learned to highlight and copy what I am about to post. That way, if it screws up on me I can just redo what I was typing with a click of a button.

Yeah, you should always do that when you write a lengthy post. For some reason if you don't submit it within 10-20 mins you'll be logged out when you do submit it. It's nothing personal, it's not like a mod comes on and says 'oh no, so and so is posting we better log him out quick'.