If the CFL wants the Grey Cup to the quintessential Canadian experience, why does it award it to Saskatchewan when there are only a handful of hotel rooms for out-of-towners to stay? They won't let Hamilton have one because of the stadium (previously), so why let one be played in Regina?

…because, that’s why

…it’s not like you cannot get a room there, you just have to pay an inflated price for one, and Regina will have a pretty decent party I would imagine, which is what counts, and at the end of the day most of us will watch the game on TV anyway

get together with friends and rent an RV.

........... because, it's their turn !

This goes without saying!

There's a lack of hotel rooms in downtown Hamilton and none within walking distance of the stadium but thousands not too far away in Niagara Falls and Toronto. So if Hamilton gets awarded a Grey Cup, out of towners have to rent a car. A Grey Cup awarded to Hamilton benefits the team but not businesses in the city like it does in other cities that have hotels/bars/restaurants.

Regardless of where the GC is held, if you are a fan and want to attend, then you will find a way. Complaining about the event before it happens shows that the game itself is not your priority. In other words, if the city doesn't suite your needs, then don't attend. Your seats will be filled.

No, you literally CAN'T get a room. Go to hotels.ca or any other website of that nature. Search for rooms during Grey Cup weekend. There are NONE available. Sadly, this years Grey Cup will not be a truly Canadian event with fans attending from across Canada. This will be a Saskatchewan event.

Find a way? How? Sleep outside? Knock of random houses, asking to crash? Ridiculous.

Host the game in a city that has the neccessary ammenitites.

There are no rooms available because a single travel company (can't remember which one, but from what I remember, they are a major sponsor of the league) booked them all. It will be selling packages to fans around the country that include travel, hotel and tickets. So it will be a Canadian event; it's just that fans may have to book through this one company. That doesn't seem right, but that's life. Not much the league can do about it.

Go to Dash Tours' website I am sure they can fulfill your lodging needs.

ahhhh so we'll be gouged and won't be able to find something for a reasonable rate. Hmmm, Toronto didn't have that problem during Grey Cup. Montreal never had that problem. Vancouver never had that problem, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg or Ottawa either..........

Yay for it being in the city that rhymes with fun. I plan on staying with Family =) Now i just need to book the time off work and watch the ticker to get myself some seats.

Im sorry, did you miss my last post?

That's what I'm saying!

What city is that? The only CFL city that comes close to actually rhyming with “fun” is Edmonton, but anyone who’s been there knows that it isn’t a fun place to be.
If you’re talking about the Sask. capital, there’s only one word that rhymes with Regina. :wink:

And that is fun! :cowboy:

What city is that? The only CFL city that comes close to actually rhyming with "fun" is Edmonton, but anyone who's been there knows that it isn't a fun place to be.
If you're talking about the Sask. capital, there's only one word that rhymes with Regina. :wink:
And that is fun! :cowboy:
Angina isn't fun. :lol:

If you let Regina know you're going to attend and they see you're from the centre of the universe, they will surely find a way to accommodate your needs.

And that is fun! :cowboy:
Angina isn’t fun. :lol:
I hear people in edina are having fun.