In some CFL stadiums does it look like there playing 2nd fiddle to someone else?

BC, is the only tenets in BC place,yet you can't tell
wheres the Logo love,gimme at least one in the End zone,better yet make it look like an NFL field,Logo at the "C" and Word mark in the end zone

Ham. read above ^^^

Tor.,i know they share the field with the Jays,but at least you know its the Argos home with the seat coverings having former Argos on it,logo would help tho

Mon.Move to the "O" and make it your own,Molson is great but your renting is and you can't change the field,and Change those unis,The tradional red white and blue would be great,with a flure-de-lis

Why does this matter,the games are on the biggest network now,lets not look to "Busch League" when were trying to build fan support,and when were trying to get Argos and Ti-Cats fans from jumping ship to the Bills

So fans do what you can,start a petition! in no other league are the fans so important :rockin:

I would jump right on that, but, I have to cut my grass.

Forget it!
Moving back to the big OH OH would mean the end of the Als.

They would have to rent the Oh as well

I can tell you what I think the reason for the Tiger-Cats turf situation at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

It is because it is a city owned facility and when they decided to purchase "Field Turf" (or whatever variation they decided on) one of the drawbacks is that any logos require to be sewn in to the field because of the turf's length compared to traditional "Astro Turf" And because custom sewn in logos would be expensive and permanent, they would also have to cut up turf which lowers it's longevity. With the cost of all that, the city just wasn't willing to do it for it's professional tenant, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

It might be important to note that there are a lot of other amateur sporting events that take place at Ivor Wynne Stadium because it is city owned. So it is far from a single tenant facility.

But really it is a dollars and sense issue, I agree with you, it does make little sense.

  • paul

CFLer, there are other tenants at BC Place. I beleive 150 dates are booked for trade shows.

Logos? Not a burning issue for me. We don't need stuff all over the field. Look at the World hockey Championships, not only logos on the ice and boards, but logos on the players and the referees! Excuse me while I go and barf.

I beleive Calgary. Hamilton and Saskatchewan also play soccer in their Stadiums. They have to share with those teams. Not everyone can go and buy their own Stadium.

Why not just use the spay paint that can get washed off to use on the Turf?

i think thats what they do at the meadow lands for the Giants and Jets and RBNY

I assume they just pressure wash it off after the game anyways

I wouldn't mind seeing some logos and things like that... but at the same time, it's not really an issue I'd concern myself with. It'd be more of an added bonus sort of thing.

A lot of people expect the CFL to operate like the NFL in how the field is done but in reality, it can't because, as mentioned, the economics don't allow for it.
Just be happy we have a great league around even if there are soccer lines on the field etc. The game is still the game.

Well put Earl!