Why is Wayne Shaw still on the roster? :thdn:
I would have cut him Sunday morning!!

I would have cut him during the game, but that’s Taffe’s decision.

I too am very surprised that Shaw and a few other underachieving Tabbies (Cook and Gardner) still have jobs.

-Shaw can be replaced by Karikari, Beveridge or Gauthier
-Cook can be replaced by Dyakowski, Hudson or Cheron.
-Gardner can be replaced by Anderson, Bauman, Getzalf, Howry or Arcenaux

We have the bodies to replace these "detriments," Taafe, so do it already before Montreal steamrolls us too.

TSA, don't even get me started on Gardner. Cook has always been bad, I can never understand how he's survived more than a year. Oh, and why is Jo Jo Walker playing SB? He is obviously too small to play at that position. Move Bauman to slot (with Holmes) along with Walker and Anderson (when he's healed) at WR. Ralph can become back-up, as his penalties, and inability to catch a ball (other then that spectacular catch last year) have completely dropped his value.

They should trade those guys to Sask. :thup:

I agree 100% that Walker should be a full time kick returner, and his spot at slot should be taken full-time by Corey Holmes.

And yes, I would also like to see Getzalf and Bauman play much more as receivers.

lol, if only you guys knew what TAFFE has in mind.

Do you know what Taffe has in mind?

I sure do...not hard to see that in the games...

Its simple and if you like i can explain what he has in mind for you and the so called fans of hamilton dont understand.

I'm sure we'll find out in due time, cmw. Hopefully it will be Shaw donating his earnings from the past 16 days to the team for his ineptitude...

Sure, go ahead.

Yes please enlighten us cmw. :slight_smile:

Let us in on the secret, O Great One!

Yes, tell us all about it "insider Jo Jo bro"

Miller91 - just a question why would you move Ralph to a back up position when he leads the team in receiving??? His inablility to catch the ball??? Sorry I don't see it. Unless you count the one in the end zone in Calgary and the one by the Ticats bench against TO. But if you look at both plays they weren't drops but good defense!

Ralph isn't terrible by any stretch, but he drops the clutch catch. Those two drops you mention were key plays. We wouldn't be hearping for a TD if he'd caught the one and perhaps the Argo game goes differently if the Ticats move the ball well and put up a quick score.

It's hard for a QB to have faith in his guys and maintain his own confidence if they drop the key catches.