Why would you pay more?

Check this link out:


Those are the prices for Buffalo Bill games in Buffalo.

Why would fans in Toronto (or for that matter Buffalo) pay way more for tickets in Toronto than in Buffalo?

$70.00 is the top price in Buffalo compared to $250.00.

Some one educate me. If I love the NFL and want to see games, wouldn't I rather want to pay $70.00 per game and drive a couple of hours? Instead I'll pay $250.00 at Sky Dome???

How about a familly of four? $280.00 instead of $1000.00?

If I'm a NFL fan, please tell me why this is so good?

What makes it even better is our dollar is still right up there with the American dollar. :roll:

People in Toronto want to be part of NFL. This is only natural. It is a big city. They have NBA,NHL,and pro baseball. There is big interest in NFL in Toronto. To them CFL is small potatoes.I don't know why so many people are surprised and blaming the media. There could be NFL in the future in Vancouver. There is lots of people who live around Vancouver. As for Montreal, they are a big city but not big league town. the Als play in a small stadium which is a dump. Worst than Winnipeg stadium. They lost Expos. So anyone thinking about Montreal being potential for NFL is dreaming. But Toronto might see NFL team in 5 to 10 years.

I heard on the radio that there are two big myths about these games. One is that there will only be tickets for 250. They said that there will be tickets for under 100.
The other is that you have to buy them all 5 games or whatever they are at once. that is false.

Sanjay, I think Toronto is a unique situation where you have a declining market NFL city in Buffalo so close to Canada's largest city. In Vancouver, Seattle is not declining I don't think and certainly doesn't need any help from Vancouver to boost the price tag of the Seahawks. Remember, this thing in Toronto was not an NFL initiative, it was a Ralph Wilson initiative with the Tanenbaum, Rogers group. The NFL had to go along with it as they have to support their owners in what they feel best for their franchise, even if the NFL office itself really didn't want to do this. And Montreal, yes, not near any US city with an NFL franchise.

So I do think Toronto is unique. Now if some group in Vancouver or Montreal is hugely wealthy like the Rogers, Tanenbaum group and is knocking on doors, well, who knows, but I don't see that happening. NFL teams are the priciest of all.

$250 is not the top price, but the median price. They said yesterday that other tickets could cost $350 or more, but no maximum was given. When Rogers was asked how many tickets would be priced under $100 would be available, he replied, "two".

If the games sellout, it was reported that the total value of tickets sold would be about $93 million, with the lionshare going to Ralph Wilson in Buffalo.

It was also reported today that the Erie County commissioner said it was his mission to keep the Bills in Buffalo. A new waterfront stadium in Buffalo is being proposed, as well as selling a Community Share offering similar to Green Bay (or the Riders).

There will also be city, state, & federal taxes added, as well as the normal ticket sellers service charges.

If the people, whoever, in Toronto keep asking too many questions about the price and start haggling over $50 buck here $50 bucks there type of thing, this won't look good on them. They all just need to buy the tickets, corporations, individuals whatever, shut up, and get on with it, Leafs style. This is their audition for a future NFL team either way with the Bills or an expansion team down the road. If that's what they really want, time will tell.

Ralph is using both fans the ones in the TO area and Buffalo. He must think the football fan in Ontarios is stupid. If Ealph was smart he would have private buses bus the TO fans down to Buffalo it would serve him much better. Then if it becomes more popular add more. But something tells me the press and the three stooges (Rogers and company) are fabricating the number of fans that would attend. I hope it falls flat on its face once and for all.

I guess you are a clueless about Montreal as you are about everything else

Now Winnipeg Stadium is a dump?

I guess trolls will be trolls

Vancouver couldn't even give away tickets for the Seattle San Fransisco game. They only put 40,000 there.

I think the novelty will wear off. They'll sell out the first couple of seasons and then drop right down to the hardcore football fans of 30,000

people with money who dont want to take the time and effort to drive down across the border

american fugitives and others who would prefer or need to avoid the border

people whose schudules and lives are so busy they can barely afford the time to go to a local game

people who want to help convince whoever that NFL can be popular in Toronot

esti...j'allais dire la meme chose!

People will pay big money to see certain sporting events. It does not matter. Car enthusiats pay $500 to watch car racing in the states. edit Toronto wants to be in big league. Toronto will eventually get an NFL team. It is only a matter of time.

But, are there 60,000 football fans willing to pay that much? After the novelty wears off, I'm betting 35,000.

Remember, we aren't just talking Toronto here but all of southern Ontario and some fans from Buffalo/upstate NY that will definitely attend.
Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Rogers will be advertising like crazy for this, especially once the Blue Jays season ends (they own them) and even at Blue Jays games and on Blue Jays telecasts. And MLSE as well. The hype will be created, over-the-top hype.

Look, they and everyone knows it's Toronto's audition for an NFL team, they can't and they won't blow it, that is Rogers and MLSE who know what makes a lot of sports fans tick (they missed me though, ha,ha). And they are well connected to all of the major businesses in the area. This can't fail for Rogers/MLSE and I predict it won't. All the games for 5 years will be sold-out, maybe not all attended to the max like the ex games but sold-out.

Again, like in my other thread....Why go to Toronto and pay $250.00 per ticket than drive to Buffalo and pay $90.00.?

Seattle is longer from Vancouver than Buffalo is from Toronto..(I think) You wouldn't catch me paying that much if it came to Vancouver when I can hop in the car and drive the Interstate 5!