why would we replace Unamba with Kanneh instead of Washington

Kanneh has play halfback in Ottawa and Washington has not been playing very well . He had two pass interference plays in one game and spit at a player getting the boot from the game . Unamba made a very key pass knockdown last game to stop a drive for BC and he has played excellent. Another bonehead move by the ticats . Our halfbacks are weak and will get exposed by SJ Green and Edwards in the middle. Davis and washington are both short and having sub par years .

Unamba is 6 -1 and washinmgton is 5-9 and davis is 5.11...sj green and posey are both 6-2 ..i can see ray throwing some jump balls to green and posey with davis and washington guarding and obvious mismatch in height

Unamba looked very slow out there to me beaten a bunch. Maybe they wanna slowly ease Kanneh back to a half back spot

Kanneh was the main free agent signing of the off season so why wouldn't they get him back on the field? He's proven in the past to be an impact player and I doubt they're paying him peanuts. And he's starting at CB although I have to say I expected him to be at the other HB position.
As for Washington, I half suspect that one of the reasons he might have been upset in the Saskie game is that he may have felt the receivers were drawing the DPI flags on him. HC CJ did say that if other teams (namely Calgary) were going to use that tactic to try to gain an advantage he'd have to get his receivers to do that too! Those flags always seemed to fly when the greenies were in danger of having their drive stalled. As for the incident that got Washington tossed out of the game - he denied it and even the coach said he could find no indication of it on film. The whole thing seemed to be out of character from what I've seen of Washington in the past (with BBs) and so far this year.

Maybe Austin pushed Jones to do it.

Washington won the players vote. Jones,s rules for roster decisions are firm.

Washington's number got pulled out of the hat . Fair and square . It's the Jones way :smiley:

Hey Tabbiefanmcb,

I was not questioning why they were putting in Kanneh but questioning why he would not replace what i have felt has been our weakest link in the secondary in washington.

Unamba and Leonard have been great at corner for about 4 games now…Unamba made a key knock down against bc chris williams to help win the game late and force a kick.

Today is Demond Washington's 30th birthday.
I am sure June Jones wouldn't want to bench him on his Birthday, that would be mean. :wink:

Maybe it's because we are only starting one guy named Davis, so we needed two guys named Washington to make up the difference?

Oh, by the way, It is Jalen Saunders 25th birthday today also!

For those who thought Demond Washington should have been the scratch vs. Toronto, you'll get your wish for, perhaps, the remainder of the season. I'm not sure what it is, or when it happened, but he has what Coach Jones referred to, in his Oct. 2 media session, as a serious injury.