Or perhaps an attitude problem. He came from "swaggerville", remember.

Fair enough, but not all attitude is bad attitude. DBs need to have a certain level of swag to be effective. If it was attitude, Beasley must have done something pretty egregious to get himself cut before training camp.

Wpg db's are known for being "me first" players, eg. Johnson.

Austin and Steinher brought in a lot of defensive players very quickly for competition purposes. The Obviously did not see Beasley fitting in. Releasing him now is better for him as another team in the CFL will most likely show interest for depth and competition purposes.
Verdone the other kinda big name here as a rookie has really lost some stock in the CFL after being pretty highly thought of as two teams now have traded or cut him loose. Still most likely a good enough talent for another to take into camp with hopes of getting some special teams out of him or filling a non import practice roster spot able to call up for special teams depth if needed for injury.

According to who? Cats fans? Come on. Why tar everyone with the same brush? Or maybe I should claim that all Cats receivers have a bad attitude because of what Chris Williams is trying to pull? :wink:

It really pisses me off when people post stupid things like that. Its funny that people always find a reason to label players on opposing teams but when it comes to players on the cats they cant do any wrong.

And good on you, Makaveli, for speaking up. :thup:

In any case, to get back to Beasley, I'm sure Steinhauer had a valid reason for cutting him. The timing is just curious is all.

Oh please. You know, once in awhile you post something worthwhile, but then you go jumping to conclusions. Pretty much everyone in the league was sick of Winnepeg & that swaggerville crap. Hell, Johnson even got dressed down by Dunigan on TSN for showboating over an interception in a game when they were getting smoked. So, maybe you should go back & find that clip on TSN where Johnson got the flag of the week for that little stunt because it proved that he was out for himself more than he was for his teammates.

And you can claim anything you want, you know as well as I do that it's worthless. :roll:

Please point to exactly where I excused any players on the cats. You can't because it didn't happen, but you say it pisses you off when someone posts "stupid things". I think there might be a mirror delivery for you, Einstein. :roll: :lol: