We went out and signed 3 quality CFL veteran DB's . Not sure why we turnaround and cut one of them before the main training camp starts ?
Could it be he wants a crack at the the NFL too ?
This makes no sense to me
I know he was not at camp but I wonder what the story is here
I was quite looking forward to finally having a decent secondary and Deon Beasley was to be a big part of that

Has anyone heard anything about this

Beasley wasnt "quality" he was average, dime a dozen type import DB.
What kept him employed in WPG and probably what made him attractive to HAM is his K/P return abilities. If that's not good enough for him to stick here then they are more than happy with the talent they've attracted in the meantime, imo.

I trust Orlando Steinuer.. especialy when it comes to our secondary.. I feel he'l turn our d around in all areas :cowboy:

A secondary of Hinds, Webb, McCollough and Bo Smith is very formidable in my opinion. I liked the Beasley signing, for depth reasons. However, releasing him now tells me that a rookie who's younger and cheaper came in and impressed the coaches during mini-camp.

gerbear9 I've got to ask you this question: Why do you always fall in love with every veteran CFL player who is released by every other team and/or the Ticats? You've done this a countless number of times. In fact, when I see a veteran released I know a can visit this forum and there will be a post from you about why we should bring this great veteran to Hamilton.

Was he at mini camp or not ?

I don’t see him in any of the team, or fan, photos taken during the mini-camp workouts.

mightypope ,

I don't understand why you feel then need to change the topic and make such a topic . First of all Beasley is not a veteran as you say . He IS 25 and has spent a few years in Winnipeg with spot starts. I have not "Fallen in love : with this guy and I would consider him more of a breakthrough player than a veteran . SO what does this leave you ? What is your pont exactly ? I liked his game as he was physical and came from a good school ( TEXAS ) . Also , our dbacks weer brutal last year and I felt a competant guy like him was a welcome addition .

I have welcomed veterans in the pasty yes . One would be James Patrick and that was a good signing. I was pulling for a veteran to sign on the DLINE only because they needed somene to show them how to play DLINE in the CFL as many of the younger guys were getting tricked and making bad decions comitting too soon etc . Even NFL castoff Crable looked lost out there.

Even if I did like Veterans and if BEASLEY was a veteran , Is it a negative to come on here and discuss my thoughts with other Ticats fans . I like to follow the ticats and make comments on the ticats decisions and moves as you do .

I mean I was glad to see Vets like Eiben go as I felt it was time to give some of the younger guys a shot and he was not quite the same anymore .
I was OK with Rey WIlliams getting cut as his salary was high and last year he was always out of position and not getting the job doen whether that was a team problem or his he still did not perform . I was also glad to see veteran Porter move on and get a fresh start and we can give a chance to Lefevour ...I was also Ok with Otis Floyd and Avon Colburne being let go as they cost alot and their best days are behind them.

Should you not be gald that there are people like me watching the Ticats closely and commenting on every move on here . I live in Toronto now and it is hard to find many hard core CFL fans these days .

My opinion is that anyone that is Ticats fan and wants to Ticats is a friend of mine and I have time for them .

Couple more FA Camps in California (LA & SF) to be conducted before training camp opens. The Cats have done well finding good prospects at the Cali-Camps in the past few years. They also just concluded FA Camps in Texas (DAL & HOU) the weekend before mini-camp. I would fully expect to see a few more names added to the roster from these FA Camps before official training camp opens up.

:thup: :thup:

Thank you gerbear9 for your explanation. At least I now understand where you are coming from. By all means, you are entitled to your opinion and I'm glad you post your concerns and observations on this forum as a Ticat fan. No harm done. I was just asking a question and you gave me your answer. Keep on posting!!! :slight_smile:

like ive said since obie retied ON WARD AND UPWARD WE GO

I'm not sure what you're saying exactly ... Was Deon Beasley Obie's signing?

Tip of the (my) hat to Mightypope & Gerbear9. Well done gents! :thup: :thup:

No, Austin was hired 2 months before FA started.

After reading their exchange, I was about to post something similar until I saw you beat me to it, FG69. So I'll just add a tip of my old, faded "1999 Grey Cup Champions" to all three of you. I love happy endings. Wouldn't it be nice if the 2013 HTC season brought us another one!


For an answer to your question about Beasley...look no further than the 6 comments posted on the list of mini-camp cuts on Drew's blog.

I just think its odd that we cut him since they didn't even get to look at him during mini camp. I'm not saying we should have kept him or what we have isn't better but most of what we had was already here when we signed him.

Yeah, normally, wouldn't you wait until training camp has started before cutting a guy? Maybe Steinhauer had a chance to review film and saw something he didn't like that overrode his initial impressions of Beasley?