Why would we chose to play more non imports !

Why would we chose to play more non imports than we have to . That is just absurd !!

Just as we finally chose to go with a canadian kicker so that we can can employ as many imports as all they other CFL teams , I hear this . i know we have good Canadians but let's not shoot ourself n the foot

quote from toronto sun

" The Ticats are so stacked in returning Canadian talent there is even talk of going with a lineup of more than just the minimum number of non-imports, although Bellefeuille said that is something that will be worked out during training camp."

Why is it that everyone thinks they know more than Obie?

The reasoning is quite simple and compelling actually. If we dress the minimum required and one goes down there is a good chance that the replacement will be inadequate. If however we can find an 8th NI starter that is as good as an import we don't need to worry about a NI backup in the event of an injury. This gives the team much more flexibility as its easier to find an import mid season to replace a roster player if we don't have someone on the practice roster that is capable of playing the position we require. That isn't a far fetched scenario as there are only 4 players on the practice roster, hardly enough to cover each and every position. Whether we actually have an 8th potential starter is quite another story but if we do and OBIE refuses to entertain the thought he's in disagreement with CFL GM's with a record of success not just some beat writer or casual internet blogger like myself

I really wish the league would move to ending any use of the word "Non-import".
So stupid. Do we consider goods that we produce and consume here as 'Non-Exports'?

Sorry, back to doing my non-leisure assignments.

How can we interprete sarcasm Sloe. Kirk would like to know :lol:

Thanks for the informative reply AKT

Yeah Zenstate I do agree that I should not second guess OBIE but I was curious ..

I just liked the idea of 4 americans on the dline or a 5 RECEIVER set with 4 americans ( Mcdaniel , Mann, Bruce , James, Stalla )

I definitely don't know more than Obie, however, a very successful team (Montreal) quite often plays more Canadians than the minimum. I think that if they can be successful doing so, any other team could as well. You might say that their scouting of Canadians is superior, but isn't that denigrating our team's scouting, and, by extension, Obie himself (as he is responsible for hiring our scouts)? :wink:

Good read AKT. :thup:

Now, shall we get into the sarcasm debate? :cowboy: :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with going above the minimum if the starters are quality NIs. As has been said, it gives you flexibility if someone gets injured.

If Obie Thinks a Canadian Can beat out an American I fine with playing more Canadians

Gives you depth with injuries and keeps your Canadian talent happy and improving by playing.

And wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to use the terms non-import and import. Just "football players" and we didn't have to fill Canadian or american positions.

No. Unless you are advocating the removal of all but Canadian citizens being eligible

The problem with that is that the CIS programs would be furious, here they are keeping 3 down football going and putting money into the programs and then what's the thanks they get from the CFL? Only very few make the league. In this case if I'm the CIS, I say f.... you CFL we are going to all American rules because this is what the kids want (if that is what they want and it could be the case). And then, really, what's the use of Canadian football period, CFL teams playing with players that have never played with the rules except a few, well maybe none actually as I say if the CIS switches over, the whole Canadian football thing in the CFL would be a joke then. Goodbye Canadian football. But if that's what you want. :?

I agree, Earl. It would kill the Canadian version of football at any non-pro level. Eventually many CIS schools with football would stop seeing the need to keep dumping money into it.

TO answer the original question.....


ITS THE CFL... look at sask, look at montreal.. they start more than the mandatory 7 canadians.. they are pretty good.

wouldnt be shocked to see alot of teams go that... start more canadians than you have to route and i am all for it :slight_smile:

I really think this whole thing about killing the Canadian version of football because you get rid of the quotas is overblown. Yes we pay a lot of lip service to it - "oh isn't it nice to see Canadians on the field" but having Canadians on the field doesn't add to the excitement of the game. The CFL will be distinctly Canadian because the teams are in Canada, 3rd downs, wider field with 2 extra players, single point etc. We love our heroes like Burce, Cobb, Glen etc we don't cheer less because they are Imports.
Starting Canadians? if we got rid of Arland Buce, Cobb, Glen, Mann and replaced them with more Canadians we would have a more exciting team and a better CFL???????

No for the survival of the CFL we need to let all players compete one on one, if that means trying out a Canadian at QB or FB that's great but lets not give them jobs because of their nationality - its Wrong!!!

If you can start more Canadians, not only is your depth better but special teams will get a big boost. Presently we start three American linebackers. If one gets hurt during a game, his backup would be Auggie or Ray. With more Canadian starters, the reserve linebacker could also be a young American who plays on the special teams. Therefore the linebacking depth becomes greater. A punt and kick return specialist can more easily be accommodated when more Canadians start. The way the Als get so much out of their roster is to start an all Canadian O Line. Obie could achieve that by starting a Canadian at right tackle. Rottier, Carlson, or Morrencie might get that job this year.
You have to plan for flexibility in order to be flexible in your plans. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I really think this whole thing about killing the Canadian version of football because you get rid of the quotas is overblown

I personally don't think it's overblown but everyone will have different thoughts on this. The key is that if they did get rid of the quotas and if the CIS did as a result change to American rules, which as I've said could be the result because so few are making the CFL and then they change because the kids want to change whatever, then what is the point of Canadian football rules and is this important?

After stating that you think the Cats and blew team should share a stadium I can never take you seriously again. It seems that every single thought you have is not just wrong but as wrong as you could possibly be.