Why Would Ricky Ray Not Retire?


When a guy retires , it is his decision and should not be pushed into it.

However, what more does RR have to prove ?

4 cups is a big accomplishment, 2 each with both teams he played for.

On top of the ladder as a 4 time winning QB starter.

That is his legacy and what he will be remembered for.

RR has had injury problems every year with the Argos.

That comes with age.

If he decides to come back, he could be remembered for a decline.

Do you have any examples of pro athletes being pushed into retirement or NOT retirement? Kinda sounds like you’re fabricating some scenarios that simply don’t exist. Athletes retire when they retire and there could be many circumstances involved that we may never be privy to.

most likely, he wont retire if he still loves playing

Not fabricating anything.

It was a question.

You are always reading more into things that need be.

Whether RR retires or doesn’t retire - you and I won’t be given all the details.
It will be what he wants it to be. No athlete get pushed into retirement, or to keep playing. They make this decision based on ability, situation, and personal motivation.

Why would he not retire?

I'll give it a go. Because he makes a mid-six-figure salary for playing a game he loves, and he is still playing it as well as anyone.

My guess is he is convinced to stay one more year to back up & step in if Franklin isn't ready to become a starting QB this season

Well yes, Ricky Ray does have 4 Grey Cup rings. Pretty good, and more than any CFL QB in history. But, that is only 4 more than Matt Nichols.

Ray might want to add 1 or 2 more wins, to make sure he stays ahead of Nichols, when the Bombers achieve their soon to come CFL dynasty. :slight_smile:

$$$$ he is set for life.

He has received more injury problems the older he has gotten.

EE receiver Brian Kelly said the reason he retired was that he never wanted to hear the words:

"Come into the office please, we need to talk "

Point is to go out on your terms, not when someone tells you to.

Health is more important than more money. That he has enough of.

I am not saying I want him to retire.

I am speculating.

I have 500,000 reasons. If you were RR and had skills to play for a few more years at 500K
what would you do!!! No retire cause some fan says retire on top??
Not easy to earn 500k in business or as a assistant coach. Ricky is not a COACH like that guy in Montreal. Not coaching material. He's to nice as is AC.

I think anyone who has done the same thing for years and years looks forward to finally NOT doing that thing anymore. Whether it be going to the same office/workplace, or lacing up the cleats daily and having guys wanna run you over.

I would very very honestly disagree. Most love there job passion, the attention, the status,
football player, office manager, hockey player. That's why we keep moving on!!!!

You can't get in back, when its gone, only dream of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Kelly was specially for sure. Retired too YOUNG

For sure, he had many years ahead of him.

He did say he wanted ring # 5 ( 1987 ), to catch up with his dynasty team mates.

That guy had serious moves, that made defenders look silly.

Well, your comments would be more suited to another thread called "Why would Ricky Ray retire?"

I was trying to be true to the guy who started the thread by answering his actual question. Now I think you may have ticked that guy off.

When a person has a life outside of their career they may begin to value their new life in retirement (and its goals) - vs hanging onto their old life locked into their career. Way too many people keep throwing their energy at their work simply because they have little else going on in their personal life. We may never know what motivates RR to retire when that day comes.

Well stated. Personally I like to see guys walk away while they still can, on their own terms. Hate to see guys carried away in pieces (Joe Montana, Nolan Ryan) or bounce around from team to team (Steve Carlton).

Exactly well said. Moon played very effectively into his forties and loved it. I actually talked to him about this on a recent visit to Edmonton. Moon visits often. Play if you love it and can still function at a high level. Don't let a few fans tell you what they want you to do.

Ray is still young. Offensive line is the key. Protect Ray well, hes good for another year at least.
As a back up probably 2 years. LETS let RR make choice. If he's back great news.

Clearly there can't be any other reasons than these. As long as a team wants him and he's enjoying himself, it's up to him when to give up the phat pay cheque and retire.

I doubt it. In the first few years, maybe. After that, people remember the good parts of an athlete's career while the bad parts fade away with time. Calvillo's last terrible season is already somewhat of a distant memory. With Damon Allen, even more so.

If Ray comes back and plays horrible for a season or two, very few will remember or care 5 - 10 years from now. His legacy is set regardless of what happens from here on out.