Why would play a Game on Sunday vs NFL ?

Only in the CFL would they take NFL on This is Opening Weekend
Ticats Playing sunday at 1PM when all the NFL Games Kick off
Only it Being Sept 11
What are they Thinking .. at CFL HQ..

If you Smart you play the Game on Sat and Let the NFL Have Spot Light Thursday Sunday and Monday

DUMB move by the CFL :thdn:

They've done this several years now, and as I recall the ratings don't change much. So they don't have much incentive to move the games to avoid the NFL.

I as also a Lions fan so Have make a Choice PVR one and watch 1 live
This makes me angry that have to choose.
CFL should not play games on Sunday after Labour day

every year there is some ignorant fool who comes on here to rant that the CFL should avoid scheduling games when the NFL is on, despite the fact that the CFL ratings are always higher then their NFL counterparts and don't see a drop in viewers during head-to-head games with the NFL.

Ummm… The CFL schedule comes out in February. The NFL schedule comes out in April. It’s hard for the CFL to plan their schedule around an NFL schedule that doesn’t exist yet. Plus, once school starts, it’s probably hard to get people out to weeknight games, so they’re more likely to get scheduled on a weekend, and they might not want to schedule double headers both Friday and Saturday. Venue availability probably plays a role too. Besides, like a previous poster said, it doesn’t really seem to have that much of an affect on ratings anyway.

I didn’t even realize the NFL season was starting! There really is no choice to make.

The annual threads are part of the fun! My personal favorite is the yearly “the grey cup halftime act sucks and should be X” thread. You could just take one from 2002, change the name of the act that they think sucks, repost it, and nobody would know the difference.

I won't be Watching the Al's and Ticats Live I'll PVR for 4 PM
After The Lions and Bucs I am paying for sunday ticket
so That comes 1st ..

good for you.
tv ratings will show that the CFL doesnt need to change their schedule to accommodate a handfull of 'fans'.

Don’t bother wasting your time, Josh Freeman and the baby bucs are going to wipe the field with the Lions. :rockin:

I’ll just watch the highlights of that game, because I prefer the CFL over the NFL any day.

Why should the CFL worry about a league in another country?
What, they should also worry that AC Milan is playing a soccer game on Sunday too?
LIke you can't be living your life always scared of the boogey man around the corner who isn't there.

Onknight....are you sure you're not from T.O. ... you sound like the nfl wannabees from that neck of the woods...I guess your priorities are a little different than most CFL fans who actually think of our league first :roll: :roll:

I am football Fan NFL CFL Even LFL Football (yes the women playing football in underware)
I been a Lions Fan ever since we had Berry back in 80's
This is the 1st Lions Team that can make a Real playoff Push in years.
I been cat fan since I was 10 that is 34 years Much longer then Me liking the lions.

As for Missing a Ticats Montreal Game
The Ticat season is not over it is 1 Game
They got 1 more Game witn Montreal that Means more then this one.
I am still Season ticket holder

In Fact I be The Stands vs Edmonton Next week
Then off for Detroit to kick off there Home Season in Motown on Sunday
Plus I coach minor league football as well

I wish The Ticats Montreal was on Saterday but it not. so Thank god for PVR's

why spend the money in detroit USA on NFL, when you can spend the money in montreal CANADA on CFL?

what kind of canadian are you anyhow?

When else do you want to play the game? CFL TV numbers are best when the games are played one at a time. If games are played at the same time then the broadcasts have to cut up regionally and numbers drop. You can't watch 2 games at once.

The NFL doesn't have to worry about the gate. The CFL does, so the teams have their preferred start days/times. Sometimes we have Thursday night games and when we do, everyone bitches. So if you have only Friday night and Saturday to play all four games, you will have conflicts and stadium availability issues. You also have Saturday night issues with HNiC from October on.

Montreal in particular has always preferred Sunday afternoon games, especially in the fall. It works for them. Their attendance is strong and their TV numbers are strong too.

I am not spending much

The ticket is a Gift from a Player on the Lions
My Hotel is in Windsor
I am taking a Bus to Windsor
Then Public Transit to The game

If anything I am spending about 100.00 CND

If Went to montreal it would cost be much more ..

Montreal Ticket Prices are insane
Hotel would be much more
Food and Enternatment much more

The CFL has better rating against the No Fun League in CANADA ! So i think its awesome that the CFL doesnt give a rats ass going up against the No Fun League. The Grey Cup out draws the Super Bore in Canada.

This years rule changes makes it the No Fun League X 2 !

THIS IS OUR LEAGUE ! Who cares what the yanks do !!

Appreiciate what you have in your own backyard ! If the Americans did the same the World would be a better place!

Maybe the CFL should schedule its games when there are no NFL football,no Baseball,no tennis,no hockey,etc Would you be happy? There would be no CFL! As far as I can recall there always have been CFL games on Sundays,at the end of summer/beginning of NFL season; almost 100% of NFL games are on Sundays and most canadians don't care; we won't change our schedule to please a few fans; fans like you,if I can use the word fan, never seem to be happy with the schedule or other matters regarding the CFL.

If you want to watch the NFL Lions do so. I'll watch any CFL game over NFL games.


Because the CFL outdraws the NFL by a country mile anyway so why on earth should they care? Most CFL fans are going to watch the CFL over the NFL. This is far from new and the same thing happens every year. The CFL couldn't care less about scheduling against the NFL because in Canada, they are going to kick its butt in ratings anyway.

A couple posters need to get off their high horses. So what if the man likes the NFL and wants to go to a Detroit Lions game. The great thing about this country is it gives us the freedom to do what we want. If you think you're a better Canadian because you'd rather go to a Montreal game than a Detroit game, then you're one sad individual.