Why won't you let me post

If it lets me do this its a miracle.

Sorry for the dumb post, but everyother time I tried to start a new topic, it would say I did not have a subject in the the subject line. I mean I am dumb, but not that dumb.

That would be really funny. By the way I didn't do this, I'm the original Blue_Dragoon.

I actually thought about that as well. There are people that use this forum that really annoy me and the idea of stealing their name as a joke did cross my mind, but then I thought most likely other people than myself don't like them so why steal the name. I also prefer to keep my own I like it. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

i think he means stealing someones name that they had on a different forum, such as the huddle, and using it in this one so that they cannot use it.

by the way, where is BigSexyDawg?

that's what I meant what else would I be talking about?

it sounded like you were takin someones name to pretend to be them and give them a bad rep.

You got me. This is really Saskargo.

Okay I hired an Exorcist and now I'm really me again. Whew...thank goodness.

not sure if an exorcist would work
you have to prove it say you love Saskatchewan, and the riders

Actually I'm a Leos fan....there now you know there is no Saskargo here.

I was feeling rather dumb myself. Glad to know my fellow CFL Huddlers feel the same. I guess we'll all ace the new site soon enough.

Just working out the kinks.

man..i've got this ite down pat. i can do anything, im just too lazy to spend the time. its working fast now, thats good. its actually really good if you know how to work ur way around.