Why Won't The Fans Keep Coming Out To The Stadium?

Why can't CFL teams sellout their stadiums more often?
Every team outside of Toronto has the fan base to sellout their stadiums.
They do it once in awhile.
But they can't seem to get these people to come back for every game.

Is this the teams fault for not being more aggressive in getting people to come back?
Is it the lack of decent stadiums? Are the stadiums hard to get to? Is there not enough promotion?

I don't know, but its strange how CFL teams have so much trouble trying to sell their reasonably priced tickets when they have the fan base to do it.
Espeically when they only play 9 home games a year, and the stadiums aren't that huge.

But every year its the same thing.
Thousands of empty seats every week.
Me thinks somebody at the league head office should be trying to figure this problem out.

well, considering that Edmonton and Calgary are 1 and 2 in league attendance yearly.. and Saskatchewan has been selling out for a while now. and B.C. is selling a pretty decent amount of tickets, I can't see there being a problem here.

the problem is out East in Ontario where people still have a problem with the CFL. they're afraid that if they're seen going to a CFL game all their friends will forever tease and harass them.

things will change in Ontario when people finally get over their NFL fantasy and respect the CFL for what it truly is, an entertaining brand of football.

calgary has more empty seats then most. when im watching on tv, i see empty seats all over the stadium.

Prices are the main issue for me, same as why I don't go to the movies anymore. I can spend $40 or $50 for a decent seat and not eat or drink anything because the prices are simply farcical. I mean last time I was at the dome it was $10 a beer, and anybody who knows what they're doing just grabs a dog from the street vendors between Union station and the stadium because the food is ridiculously expensive.

Or, I can sit on my couch with a $3 local craft beer and whatever I feel like tossing on the BBQ. This is not a hard decision. The only thing I've ever had anything like seasons tickets for was the local OHL team, because it was $10/game at the time for amazing seats and you could get a beer and a pound of wings for $11 (pretty close to restraurant prices at the time).

This post is ridiculously ignorant. Every time I think you can't make yourself look like a bigger tool, you go ahead and prove me wrong.

There are plenty of CFL fans in Ontario. The problem is that for so long the two Ontario teams sucked. The Cats haven't been over .500 since 2004. When Toronto was winning games between 2004-2007, they were getting 30,000-35,000 at games. Now they suck, and the fans don't show up. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't blame them. The diehards will always be there, but the casual fans will only show up when the team is good. Point blank, winning teams sell tickets

Do you forget when the Riders were on welfare and doing telethons to save themselves? That's not meant as a dig, but a fact that when Saskatchewan wasn't winning, they didn't sell like they do now. So quit acting so superior to people who don't share your myopic view of the world.

And for the record, I like the NFL A LOT and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because I like to diversify my football watching doesn't mean you're a better fan than me. So quit trying to act like watching the NFL is some sin.

The guy who mentions Edmonton and Calgary?
Edmonton must have at least 15,000 empty seats a game.
Calgary probably 3 of 4,000.
BC drew 50,000 last game.
Doubt they;ll draw near that much next game?
My question is why, and why isn't the team and the league doing a better job in getting these people back?
That falls right on Cohons shoulders I think

Because fans have to change their expectation IMO.
In Edmonton they have a 62 000 seat stadium, the fact they've got 45000 seats sold in their last couple games is fantastic. I don't see what's the issue. Clearly the large stadiums (BC, Edmonton, Toronto) are too big for CFL football. The market is simply not large enough. You'll never see these teams draw 50000 fans per game consistently. And you know what? That's fine.

The CFL's attendance is in the TOP 10 in the whole world. Top ten. That's pretty damn good if you ask me. Especially considering football isn't our number one sport. All the leagues with attendances in the top ten are the most popular sports in their respective countries. Beit American Football, Baseball, soccer, cricket, Australian Rules Football, ect.

Comparing sellouts is a stupid way of measuring team success. To use this as a tool you need to find a league average for stadium capacity, otherwise you are just wasting time imo. Considering McM has about 1/2 the capacity of CW Calgary is more likely to have more sellout's than Edmonton even though attendence could be 10 000 less for each game.

Not sure what your complaining about in Edmonton they lead the league consistently in attendance. They have been the most stable franchise in the CFL from day 1. Having 15000 empty seats in a 60k seat stadium, most teams would be drooling for attendance numbers like that.

Really, top 10 in the world? Curious if you could expand on this. Total attendance, per game, per team?

As for the original post, the league knows it has issues at certain stadiums and each team has had it's own problems in the past. The big problem is when they compare CFL to NFL. You can't compare the two so why even try.

fixed it for ya :wink:

a CFL team can be successful with 30,000 fans or more in their stands every game. they don't need to sell 40,000 or 50,000 a game in order to be in the Black.

Per game.

No team (except Edmonton it seems) is immune to low attendance figures, at any given year, especially during poor performance periods.

As a barometer In the past 15 years:
the Edmonton Eskimos have gone under 30,000 average only once. And just barely.
In 1996 the Esks had an average attendance of 29,818 which was an anomaly as they regularly had 35,000-40,000 for most years. (even lean years) Great fan support.

BC dropped to 16,217 average in 1998 and didn’t creep back over 25,000 til 2004 Holding steady
Calgary 23,559 in 1996 although has averaged over 30,000 since Very stable
Saskatchewan 19,327 in 1999 although mainly 25,000+ since Holding its own
Winnipeg 21,483 in 1997 yet 25,000+ since 2000 Same as above
Hamilton was 14,863 in 2003 and jumped dramatically to 27,853 the following year and bobbles around 25,000 since
Toronto hit 15,083 in 2003 and over 30,000 just 2 years later yet drops dramatically again like a YoYo
Montreal hit a meager 9,585 in 1997 and has slowly but steadily risen since to approx 25,000 average since. Fans hold high expectations I believe.

The stalwart of the league appears to be the Eskimos as fans are there basically rain or shine, while conversely many other teams appear to have fair-weather fans at certain down periods.
As well, the Western teams do seem have an overall edge regarding attendance figures which may be due to Eastern fan discernment, American influences, socio-economics etc etc who knows?

Either way, the basic cure for attendance ills is a strong on field contender adjacent with prudent media exposure and community involvement.

The Esks last season were having a difficult time getting their stadium HALF full. ya they may have announced 34,000 but you could see that with the empty seats that there was NO WAY they had that many.

I was at one game and it looked more like 20,000+ or a bit more.

they were having some lean games last season.

this is what happened in Edmonton when they sucked.

Edmonton may have stunk out the joint last year, yet still managed to average a still healthy 35, 025

that for Edmonton, is bad.

Esks usually get that on a bad night!

When the Riders come into town they get 50,000 (although the way things are going, they may not get 50,000 on Monday)

when the Stamps come to town, they can get 45,000. when the Esks are realllly good, they can get even higher.

those are the only two teams that get that high of an Attendance #. everyone else gets about 35,000 … MAYBE 40,000 if they’re lucky and its a good weather day and they have a promotion going on.

remember one thing, their last home game vs Montreal they had the Minor football night… so they got a tonne of extra people in the stands due to that promotion.

34000 fans in a 60k seat stadium would be a little more then half full so forgive me when I question your ability to count 20,000 or a bit more estimate. 34k fans in a big stadium would seem half empty.

because when you go to game after game and you hear 35,000 fans! as the announcement.

and then you go to another game and you can tell there are way less in their seats.. (and I don't mean a few..) and they still say 35,000. you know they're not really that high. they're counting season tickets automatically,

I cannot remember which game it was, but there was not 35,000.. it looked a lot more like 20,000 or 23,000 at the most.

Maybe they had a bad bunch of hotdogs and everyone was in the bathroom. I’m not sure what a team has to gain by inflating the numbers.