Why won't Hamilton sign Armstrong?

Glenn and Armstrong had great chemistry in Winnipeg, and it looks like the Cats could use a little help in that department -- Armstrong would certainly be an upgrade on Rodriguez or Davis.

Hell, maybe Glenn can pull some strings and convince Tom Canada to move to Hamilton too!

Armstrong failed a physical when he tried to sign in T.O. and might've gotten onto someone's neg. list since then.

Maybe we could sign you, since you seem to know so much, then you could convince the Cats brass to sign Armstrong!!

Only players who have never played in the CFL can be put on a neg list. Armstrong is a free agent. He hasn't caught on with anyone because of his knees.

Don't be dumb The cats r fine @ wide receiver. it's some of the throws that r making these guys look bad. before bruce was added chris davis was a stud. the cats just fail to use these guys for what they're good at. I'd like to see them go deep more often with prechae and use chris davis alot more through the middle. and how about using cobb every now and then on short throws, he's better in the open field. we don't need 50 receivers, just a little more consistency from our QBs and better play calling!

There are a few argo fans, in the know, who would tell you that his knee wasn't the reason the Argos didn't sign him.

…could it be a little matter of money…Derick was getting some good coin in the Peg…I don’t think the argos were prepared to pay a player with a suspect knee the kind of money he wanted…Don’t know why it is but going through A LOT of the player moves by the Bombers in 08 , many have departed the league for good…Cam Hall, Jerome Haywood, Tom Canada,Robert Bean to name a few…Willie Amos, Stanford Samuels seem to be just hanging on…which brings me to the point that not all of Mike Kellys calls were ‘out to lunch’… :wink: Could the minister of defence be the next one on the shelf…??? :roll:

You should be Banned for that comment. Seriously.

Oh yeah? Armstrong has been nothing but consistent. What has Rodriguez done lately? Not much of anything.

Prechae Rodriguez has 486 yards and three touchdowns. Sure, his numbers might be a little down from his rookie season in the league, but first, it's his second season, and we all know about the sophmore slump, and second, he's only 24, so he has a long career ahead of him. On the other hand, Derick Armstrong is 30-years-old, and some are saying he has knee problems.

Who would you rather have: The young, up-and-coming Rodriguez, or the aging Armstrong? Keep in mind the Cats don't have a real need for a veteran receiver to lead the young guys because they filled that position when they signed Arland Bruce.

We also have Dave Stalla and Correy Grant to help the young Kids.

Armstrong is a quitter ! That's why. He was asked to go in to the game and he said , NO !