Why Wold Bob Go After Tom Wright?

It's not because he spoke out against the Board of Goobers. It's because he won't play Bob Young's puppet and get involved in how the teams choose to finance their operations. Bob Young's real intention to bleed money from the pockets of Hamiltonians is threatened by a Commish who he can't intimidate into bullying other teams to make them abide by a stringent cheap penny ante salary cap. It's Harold Ballard returning from the grave. Bob Young show's how cheap he really is and the excuses that they use to cover up their real phony intentions. Tom Wright is arguably one of the best Commishes the CFL has ever had. He's presided over a resurgence in the CFL and Bob Young just had to lead a posse to lynch him. Then he gets up and whines on his board about how much it hurts to have people critisize the coaches and that just calling for thier heads isn't going to make them better. Well how was Tom Wright supposed to get better by trying to get him fired? He's good enough for the CFL but not good enough for Bob Young. It underscores what Bob's real interests are. They are not about the well being of the CFL. They are about profitablity and Bob Young's ruthlessness when attempting to create furtile ground for the maximization of his own profits. The CFL and Hamilton Tiger Cat fans be damned in the offing !