Why when CFL season starts do I see more NFL stuff on people

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I find when the CFL season starts, I see more people around town wearing, of course, TiCats stuff but also more NFL stuff. I don't know if this is just NFL types only wanting to show-up TiCats fans that they are just NFL all the way types or if watching the Cats gets them pumped up for football and since they might just have NFL gear in their house, that's what they wear? I don't know but I do notice this.

Personally I own and wear my brand new Tiger-Cats hat around town but on occasion you could see me in my 2009 Washington Redskins Draft Day hat.. I'm not a fan of the NFL at all, but people who know me, know I am a HUGE Miami Hurricanes and NCAA Football fan.. There are a bunch of reason behind my purchase of the Redskins hat and here are a few...

#1 - and the major reason! - Sean Taylor(Former, Miami Hurricane) who passed away tragically after being shot.. I have his jersey from the last season he played(Redskins 75th Anniversary season) and needed a Hat to wear with it..
#2 - It looks amazing and matched my shoes I wear to every Ti-Cats game... All yellow hat(and shoes! :rockin: )
#3 - I am Native so the Washington Redskins have always been extra appealing to me, I guess 8) :wink:

So there are my reasons for wearing NFL apparel around the city..

I think its just people in football mode because either the CFL or NFL is in season. I think any true football fan just enjoys football period. I much prefer the CFL but I also love the NFL and NCAA.


I've always got a kick out of it too. Peyton Manning jerseys at Ivor Wynne! I guess it's because at $150.00, most guys will only afford one licensed jersey! At least they're in a football frame of mind! Better than wearing hair gel and a Beckham jersey....

I have to admit, I wore my old TiCats parka to Notre Dame vs. my Tar Heels in '06 and got a tonne of questions from UNC fans as to what the "Tiger Team" was; high-fives ensued when I told 'em that Hamilton is where Earl Winfield went after 4 years @ Chapel Hill!

You see it around town more because the weather is nicer and people aren't wearing their coats anymore.

It does bug me when I see people showing up in their NFL gear at Ticat games. I can kinda understand if you go with the Steelers but I don't get why you would wear that to a game.

You don't even have to buy a jersey. National Sports has ticat shirts and hats for 10 bucks. The Ticat store offers cheap shirts too.

It would be no different than me going to a Leafs/Bruins game wearing my Sabres jersey.

If you aren't rooting for any team, wear neutral clothing.

I've always got a kick out of it too. Peyton Manning jerseys at Ivor Wynne! I guess it's because at $150.00, most guys will only afford one licensed jersey! At least they're in a football frame of mind! Better than wearing hair gel and a Beckham jersey....

Good reads guys and well said ub! TFF, hair gel and a Beckham jersey. :thup:

Maybe it is because fans of football get teased when the CFL starts and have to wait till REAL football starts in Sept. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Ticat fan, but realistically, the CFL just doesn't have the skill or talent to compare the 2 leagues. How many CFL stars have made it in the NFL? Warren Moon and ......? Now look the other way, many CFL stars like Doug Flutie, were nobody's in the NFL (not enough skill), but they come to the CFL and are icons.

I think it comes down to availability a lot of the time. Most stores (and not just the sports stores) carry NFL and even NCAA stuff but try and find CFL stuff around town. CFL stuff should be readily available in Canadian Tire stores, Walmart, Zellers, etc. etc. but it isn't.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) I was told at the TC office that Zellers were selling TiCat merchandise this season !!!
  I haven't checked that rumour out yet, but I will have a look to see  !!!

Not that I'd ever in a million years recommend anyone shop there, but I'm pretty sure I saw Ticat gear at the Walmart in Ancaster --- or, as I call it, Hell-on-Earth.

Yes, Zellers has TiCats stuff, I was there the other day and noticed a small section devoted to TiCats stuff, male and female stuff.

How many CFL stars have made it in the NFL?

Oh boy, another of these wickedly intelligent posts. The CFL isn’t about having the most highly rated football players on the planet or else the league wouldn’t have an import quota. Also, the league would try and merge with the NFL with only the teams that could merge surviving on the basis it’s better to have 2 or 3 teams in Canada in the NFL rather than 0 but 8 teams in Canada. This reminds me when I was frustrated with the Cats a few years back where I used to wear my Cats hats to slo pitch games. I was frustrated so I put on my Vikes cap. One of the guys on the team said essentially the same thing, why ever wear a Cats hat when the REAL league is the NFL. I just looked at the guy and said what an idiot, he doesn’t get it and there are a lot of other idiots out there the same way.

As well, say what we will about the NFL hype machine, but the attention on the draft, free agency, and minicamps to name a few offseason aspects keeps football as a year-round sport in the US media. "Favre Watch" on NFL Network is another thing all together, but I digress. LOL

I have no problem with football fans being football fans, regardless of league. As long as the NFL-clad fan has his/her beer and fanny in a CFL seat at the stadium, it's all good. It's the Leaf-jerseyed folks in the fall that flamethrowers should be distributed to surrounding fans to...arouse a different fashion sense? LMAO

I am of course joking. Please wait a sec, I am reading this disclaimer from a card and I don't have my progressives on... :wink:

Oski Burned Leaves,

^^^ Now THAT is a beauty post!

8) How right you are Russ !!!
 Never fails to amaze me when I see people wearing Leaf jerseys, hats or other assorted apparell  !!!

 I usually burst out laughing when I witness those poor souls.  How anyone could be proud of that team and wear their apparell is just beyond me  !!!!!     I would be just too embarrased to do it  !!!       <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

cheeahman: "the CFL doesn't have the skill etc?

     The CFL is a different game and requires different skills. 4 down football  and 11 players brings a whole new dimension to the game because of the strategies that are needed. I disagree that NFL cuts are here because they don't have enough skill. How could they succeed here if they did not have enough skill? And how many NFL cuts have also not made the teams here? They succeed here because their talents are more suited to the Canadian game.  

The issue is...which is the most exciting and entertaining to watch?
In most cases I would say the CFL.
However I watch both and take each league for what it is. No comparison necessary.
For a reality check..watch some international rugby. For raw talent ....some of those players put your NFL "stars" to shame.

Cats stuff at Zellers and Walmart? That's great!! Unfortunately, that's not the case for Argos stuff in Toronto. National Sports has a good sale of CFL stuff right now though. I've often thought that the CFL should do everything it can to get its brand out there in the community and that includes getting its stuff into stores on a break-even basis. These days, it's so unusual to see anyone with an Argos t-shirt, cap or whatever that I'll often go up to the guy and comment on it. It shouldn't be that way.

An Argo-Cat fan

One of my closest friends wore a LA Raiders jersey to our BBQ / Canada Day Game event. I busted his balls for it (espeacially since he got on to the Ticats website front page with it). A few days later I get a text msg "So who was this Maas guy and was he any good?" (I converted him to the CFL only last year). Turns out it bothered him so much to be sticking out with an NFL jersey at Cats games that he got his hands on a Maas jersey for $25 just to wear to the stadium. I gave him an A for effort and a C for execution :lol:

I'm sorry but real football's regular season started 3 weeks ago. The National Felon League starts in September. And, by the way, most NFL players couldn't play the CFL game with the 3 downs, 20 sec. clock and not being able to walk off the field with 45 seconds left on the clock!!!!!!!!

Oh and the wussy faircatch rule too!!!!!!!!!!

In my opinion, its a simple matter of distribution
The U.S market is monsterous -- thus, having enormous volumes of cheap and available NFL jerseys makes flooding the miniscule (in comparison) Canadian market a breeze. So, even if the NFL doesn't move near the percentage of jerseys up here as they do in the states, its no skin of their backs to take a bit of a shave on them. So, national chains (like Sport Chek or...I dunno, name another major sport store) don't really have to fiddle with regional differences. A Manning or Brady jersey works pretty well anywhere. More efficient than dealing with CFL regions.

For the retailers, its a pretty safe bet, too. The NFL hype machine only gets bigger, so the fashion statement remains. Probably not gonna see 50 Cent, Akon or (insert urban artist here) sportin' a Stampeders jersey.

I'd venture a guess that costs per unit are a lot higher, again, for CFL stuff. Example, producing 25,000 versus 2.5 million units....the volume discounts would be significant, I would think.

Personally, I think retailers in CFL towns could do themselves a huge favour by priming the pump by stocking far more CFL merch -- or, at least making it seem like that. When I go into Jersey Source or Sports Obsession, I'm always blown away by what's available, and what's not available.

Why anyone would want a Phoenix Cardinals or Jacksonville Jags jersey is beyond me. Not saying these guys don't have Cat/ CFL stuff, but usually its nowhere near as prominent. So, if the 4 key retailers got together and decided to make CFL stuff 'cool', then it'd probably have a lasting effect on business.

But, that's a very biased and less-than-educated opinion. Still though, I think economics (again) make CFL merch distribution more challenging.