Why were the bye weeks early this year?

Anybody know why they changed the bye weeks this year? Last year they moved them up to Week 6 and 7 to accommodate the Olympics but traditionally they are on Weeks 8 and 9. Seems weird to have a long weekend with only two games.

Totally agree. It makes more sense to have a bye closer to mid season.

Why does every week so far have at least one rematch from the week before??? Someone was sleeping during the creation of this schedule.

Who ever did the schedule this year should be fired.

I believe they said that each club has 2 home and homes.

Every scheduling anomaly is generally the fault of the Rogers Centre availability.

Some have more then that

Winnipeg and Montreal June27/July4

Winnipeg and Hamilton Aug 16/24

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan Sept 1/8

Winnipeg and Toronto Oct 19/24

That's half of the Bombers schedule more or less.

Thank Rogers Center, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Dome

Jays suck! GO YANKEES!

August is the slow month for football, attendance and TV ratings. You want to get as many games as you can for Labour Day when the ratings and attendance soar. A bye week during Labour Day or a week later when the NFL starts wouldn't be good either. It's only one week earlier this year.