Why We Will Turn It Around

Did anyone else hear coach Berrys comments to Bob Irving. He is taking the oline debacle personally and will be directly involved from now on. About GD time is all I can say.

I don't know, Berry has made some disapointing decisions thus far.

...kanga ...i think most of the disappointing decisions have come from another source....one of which will be corrected at the end of the year...Gibson has shown a total lack of imagination with our offence....even though it is struggling with injuries....he has done nothing to impress me.. :thdn:

I mean that he has made some bad calls with the challenges and other coaching decisions, I’m not saying that I have lost faith in him like I did with what he’s name last season, but I’m strating too.

Berrys a good coach kanga, he took some chances when we were slumping to try to change the moe and they back fired. i would rather have a guy like that than the jim zombie we had last year who just stood by and watched.

true, very true.