Why we shouldn't select more O-Linemen next draft

Obie said in the recent "Let's Fix The Cats" article by Ken Peters that four big new American tackles would be brought in to compete for those two jobs. That leaves 3 interior spots open for Canadians on the O-Line, with maybe two Canadian backups.

We already have the following Canadian O-Linemen: Hage, Hudson, Gagne-Marcoux, Dyakowski, Bekasiak and Rempel. Are these guys good enough to take the five jobs I mentioned above? As brutal as our O-Line played in some games this year, I think they are.

The reason I bring this up is that we have the first and third overall picks in the next Canadian draft. Originally, I thought we should draft the two best offensive linemen available with those picks. But now, because of our existing non-import depth on the O-Line, I am thinking we should select Canadians who play other positions with those picks, or trade the picks for import help elsewhere.

What do you think?

I really can't understand the logic here.....

I don't think that there is anyway to sugar coat the Cats O line play this year.....

what was it, 68 sacks?

Any help that Obie can get...he shouldn't hesitate.

Marcoux was hurt this year.

As far as the rest, there isnt a keeper in the whole bunch.

No arguement here. Hage - highly overated - Hudson - done like dinner - Dyakowski - slow feet - needs someone other than John Kropke to show him the finer details regarding " Blocking " swin moves etc. Marcoux - injured early in the season - no opinion. Bisakiak (sp) never had a great opportunity to shine. For anyone who I missed - that's the impression that I was left with - not much .

Did you happen to notice Cagary brought in 2 rookie IMP on their O Line and the rest is history. So much for finding talent - and teaching them a system that will work. If Calgary can do it - why can't the Tiger Cats..................................

well RB was a strength ... and we kept bringing more of them in (lol) - cant hurt to bring lots of o-line in to camp and make them all fight it out. with injuries etc always key to your canadian content, you never know when another team might need to tap in (ie trade for it). based on an earlier thread ... i dont recall this being a particularly deep draft pool anyways ... so if o-lineman is rated tops, take 'em!

There is a long, long lived saying in the CFL that: "You can never have enough good NI Olinesmen"

They are the most sought after commodity after a star QB. So if you end up with too many other teams will pay a premium for one in a trade.

What is more stupid is drafting a CND safety with your first pick when you've planned for months to man the position with an import. Even worse when the prospect is on record saying he wants to stay in Saskatchewan.

HfxTc, where have you come across these quotes from Dylan Barker? if you could find them I would much like to see them.

weren't the import tackles the week links in the oline in o8?

O'Billovich: "I would say on defence probably ... maybe four depending if our Canadian free safeties (Dylan Barker and Sean Manning) are going to be good enough. Maybe four guys on defence. On offence I would say two."
Yeap THAT sounds like we plan on putting an import in the safety.

Drafting a player from out of province
worked out in this case, HfxTC,

and there are many other examples.

Dylan told me emphatically, he is a Tiger Cat now
and he is NOT interested in being a Rough Rider.

That tells me he has developed a close relationship
with his team-mates on the Hamilton Tiger Cats

after a whole season sticking around Hamilton rehabilitating
even though he could have gone back home to rehabilitate.

Nope, Dyakowski was by far our weakest line man, he was beat often and when he wasn't beat he was called for holding.

I disagree. Dyakowski is a guard. He was only getting beat when they put him out at Tackle where he shouldn't play. Yes...I know he played Tackle in the US....different system...different technique.

Dyakowski is valuable as a guard, they should leave him there and quit messing round with him moving him all over the place. Marcoux is valuable and should be kept. Hage is decent, not all start calibre, but decent. They will all player better if the have better tackles they aren't always trying to cover for. I'm not sold on Hudson anymore as a key part of the o-line..and Bekasiak should never...EVER have been switched to O-Line where he has NEVER played before. That was just pure dumb. He may not have made the team on the D-line I don't know.....what puzzles me is how just 1 year earlier Bekasiak was look at as difference maker coming into the D-line that Taaffe all of a sudden at training camp says he's too slow to play on the d-line and switches him to and offensive lineman....? I can't get over how dumb that sounded...and still sounds.

Our Import tackles were the problem with the Cats this year. Thomas, Woodard and whomever else played there all could not get the job done. Woodard and Thomas were just too old and slow to keep up.

Import tackles and Defensive rush ends are this teams biggest and most glaring weakness. Obie has to scour the states and find us 4 players...2 DE's and 2 OT's and this team will be well on their way.

As a guard he was brutal and that's where he played all year, they played him at tackle in one game I believe. I have never seen a guard get called for so many holding penalities.

Conventional wisdom among General Managers
is to draft the best players regardless of position.

A lot of Offensive Linemen are rated near the top.

Well that's not what he said on Ticat TV when the Tay Cody issue came up, BEFORE the draft but of course those archives have mysteriously vanished...

Don't get me wrong Dylan Barker is a hell of a football player but I can understand that an opportunity to do his doctorate would be reason for him to want to stay in Regina.