Why we should give a hand for Brock Ralph on Fri night...

Good article about Brock Ralph and his family situation, and his thoughts on Steeltown.


Class act all the way. I hope he breaks his slump (but not on Fri night :slight_smile:).

I can't fault Brock for making the decision he made and I wish him all the best with his daughter.

Depending on where she falls in the severity spectrum he talked about it could be a very difficult road ahead.

Brock was one of my favourites during his time in Hamilton. You can't fault a guy for putting his family first.

Go luck Brock.

I thought it was also very big of Obie to honour his request.
All the best to Brock and his family.

Wonder how he and A.J. Gass are getting along?

Ha ha .
Two thumbs up to R.Brock and his beautiful family!
Thanks for the article.

It's a nice idea to give him a hand, but I highly doubt the fans will do that. Mr. Ralph was one of the favourite whipping boys on these forums, even if he was our leading receiver.

dear pc 45, i think that was the point that was trying to be made. put the fact that brock was your "whipping boy" behind you for 2 minutes to get up off your a#$ and show your appreciation if only for the time he gave to the community during those tim hortons camp days etc... while he was here-then you can boo him if you want, although he doesn't deserve it. if booing him is going to help you sleep at night..then by all means.
please wrap your brain around this concept of showing appreciation instead of typical sports fan behaviour of booing former players-=its okay.

city legend

No, I don't think he will get any kind of hand. We'll hold a grudge for the next 15 years like we always do with ex-Ticats. Don't you know it should be every football player's dream to spend their entire career here? Sheesh!

Dear city legend, I never had a problem with Brock Ralph. I always liked, and supported the guy.

I just don't think he'll get any kind of ovation from the fans in Hamilton. My opinion is based on the fact that while he was here fans ripped Brock for going out of bounds, or having questionable hands, or living off his reputation from being an nfl cut, he's not a #1 receiver, etc etc. The fans loved to hate the guy, especially on these forums. And I mentioned that he was our leading receiver because he was our most productive receiver so I never thought he was deserving of all the flak he took.

I don't think anyone has a problem with him wanting to be closer to his family considering his situation. Anyone who would needs to get their priorities straight.

Finally, I never said I was going to boo the guy, I just don't think he'll get any kind of ovation from the Hamilton fans.

I'll gladly cheer for Brock. He's a man. He does what's best for his family. He stands in when things get tough. You always cheer for a real man. Fathers do this kind of thing. I'll cheer for him anytime.