Why we love our Blue Bombers!

For me it's cuz of these reasons.

  1. They play in Winnipeg, where my favorite NHL team is from. GO JETS GO!!!

  2. There nickname is a combination of my parents VFL teams, the Catlon Blues and the Essendon Bombers

  3. Their colors are that of the Alaska flag, Blue and Gold.

How abou yours, everyone?


on a another note:

When I came to the US in 1992, I saw a Jets/Rangers game and I liked them (Khabibulin is my favorite Jets player, I'm a goalie fan :wink: ) and my love for the Jets intensified after the move to Phoenix (who gives a fuck abou the NHL there???).

Well for me it's what the Bomber's done for my family, my old man left my mama when I was very young and shortly after that a differn't Player would come over to our house to make sure mama always had a buddy. when it came to the weekends, after a home game...mama had two or three buddies over...never had a chance to get there autographs, always sent to my room, anyways those guy's are the greatest...lol

roflmao :lol:

For me I would have to say that they've given me good football memories in my young age. I've been a football fan and for most of the time they have delivered, and right now I keep hopeing to see them go all the way.

Its the closest CFL team from where I am. Little rule i learned in alberta. You represent where you came from. Not everyone does it but its what makes you more true than most fans. We've had some struggles this and last year. But I still cheer it on. I went to my first bomber game last year and it was something to remember (even though they lost) Just the atmosphere your in... I'll be going for a game in October again. BLEED BLUE!!!!!

Why??? Cause they are my team.