Why We Lost, Simple

There is 2 reasons.
Im 15 and can see them so if any of you old folk cant then somethings wrong.

  1. Turnovers- To many in crucial times

  2. Stopped handing the ball to Caulley- The guy rips a 47 yarder and then he gets nothing the rest of the night :S, someone upstairs wasnt doing their job


Don't know why they stopped giving Caulley the ball... crazy.

The reason why we lost is that from top to bottom we are not a good football team.


From TSN.CA:

Ticat Terry Caulley handled most of the running in place of the injured Jesse Lumsden and rushed for two TDs and had 10 carries for 99 yards.

He should have had 30 carries; not just 10.
Again, another coaching blunder.

When will they learn???
I predict - if Cats lose to the ARGOS on Labour Day, coach Charlie will be gone. Mark my words...

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An even more simple reason why we lost...

The Bombers scored more points than the Tiger-Cats.


I predict he will be here for the rest of this season. I think the salary thing and whatever might be in his contract is holding that decision back, no matter how bad we are.
I sure hope this organization can dream up some top-notch promotions to keep the fans interested for the rest of this year! It will be a lot more difficult to get them back once they go.
Even if we beat the blue team again we then have to face the best in the West. A two-win "cushion" won't get us far down the path to the playoffs.

The O Line does not provide holes for Lunsdem or Caulley. If you look real close - they make those yards on sheer athetic ability. The O Line can't block - can't figure it out -I thought the plan was to fix the secondary and leave the O Line alone because it was deemed ok? Who evaluates the talent ??????

Pound for pound the Cats are short on talent and desire. We need to improve the overall skill levels on this team. Teaching players how to play just means they go the free agent route when they have the skills.

The Cats are short in talent in some areas but not all. I don't think a lack of talent explains why we have lost so many games this season. I think bad decisions by the coaching staff is the main reason we have lost so often. A little bad luck, results of costly mistakes hurt us as well. Can we turn it around. Yes. Are we likely too? Only if the coaches do a lot of homework over the break and figure out how to get the ball to our star players, quickly and efficiently.

we lost because of a Williams fumble and a pass that Williams threw that was batted and recovered...nothing more...nothing less....give your heads a shake!

Maybe it's because they noticed that Winnipeg was stacking up against the run. That's why you have guys in the press box calling the plays.

If they would have ran as much as you're all crying for you'd probably be whinning that we ran too much or that your 2 year old son new what plays were coming.

We lost because Winnipeg is a better more experienced team.

Here's what the offensive stats bear our for the Cats in 4th quarter:

passing 62 yards
rushing 46 yards
net ttl 108 yards.

Those are very good, well balalnced, productive offensive stats.

Projected over 4 quartters, those numbrs would be:

passing 264
rushing 184
net ttl 448

So, maybe Richie and the coaches noticed extra attention on Caulley and they adjusted with reads and play selection. Those are terriffic numbers.

So, maybe Richie and the coaches noticed extra attention on Caulley and they adjusted with reads and play selection. Those are terriffic numbers.
Running is one of the things the Cats do best. (I didn't say the only thing) :wink: If Winnipeg hadn't shown they can stop the run consistently, maybe we could keep running it down their throat. If we stopped running before they proved they could stop us, maybe we are giving them to much credit. Coming into the game they were the worst team in the league and we seem to be able to run against everyone.

The product on the field is just not that good...too little experience...the answer is not lets blow things up, lets fire the coaches...the answer is let it ride...we tried blowing things up and changing coaches for the past 5 years...it didn't work...

One of the definitions of insanity is to try the same things over again expecting different results...let it ride for another season and make a few MINOR changes and additions in the off season...

But I was trying to show that they did run very well against Winnipeg. Over 200 some yards with a considerable amount coming in the 4th. It wasn't abandoned. Richie ran 13 times for 94 yards!

We lost this game on the lines.

Our D line could not get any pressure nor stop Roberts when he ran.

Our O line could not provide any protection for our QB and could not make many holes for our backs.

Our secondary played decent, special teams decent, our RB and QB scrambled well.

The boys in the trenches lost this game however.

Are your 'meds' acting up again , deiz? :smiley:

This football team did enough to win the game
except for the first reason the kid gave us.

#1. Turnovers.



A football game is like a tapestry woven by hand.

Warp threads are hidden in the completed work.

Offensively we did enough to win, no arguement there. But you point out our mistakes, how about Winnipeg's, 2 td drops and 2 chip shot field goals missed and another long bomb that was missed by an inch.

defensively this team is a mess and we can't stop anyone unless they stop themselves.

I will not consider this to be a good team until we're at least average on defence which won't happen until Creehan is gone.

You just proved my point, Drexl.

Even won football games are like a tapestry woven by hand.

Warp threads are hidden in the completed work. nyuk nyuk

Suddenly I am an expert on tapestry.

I just love 'goggle' :smiley:


Our Defence also did enough to win

I4 of Winnipeg's points were a direct
result of two of our offensive turnovers.

And that 14 points evens out with the 2 missed field goals and 2 dropped tds.