Why we all should love Joe Montford

Get over to Ticats.ca Homepage and watch the Video where Joe talk’s common sense to the 2018 Ticats Team…I think our team is going to #LEVELUPANDWIN by understanding #TEAMMATESRECIPROCITY for the second half of the season.

His biceps were as big as the footballs. Why is it so hard to find this type of quality in D-Linemen anymore?

One of my absolute favourite Tiger-Cat players, a true grit, grind em out style of LB turned defensive lineman with the best swim move of any D-lineman, 26 QB sacks in one season?

Montford shows a lot of heart, love & pride for the Ti-Cats and fans of Hamilton, A true Class Act!!


He was the man. Looks great, like he could still play. Miss players like him.

I’m not sure it ever used to be easy.

He was one of a kind.

Here is Joe's montage highlight reel from his 2011 CFHOF Induction . 8)


That was a awesome inspirational pep talk the team should hire him he would be a great addition to this organization

I can’t think of anyone who wore a set of football shoulder pads better than Joe.