Why was Lulay benched last night?

I heard that Travis Lulay lost his composure last night and was pulled from the game. I was looking for something on the highlight reel segment on Sports Connected but saw nothing.

Did anyone see what exactly Travis did to warrant being pulled from the game?

Not sure if this may have been the reason: On one play (2nd down) after the snap Lulay (going to his left) went to hand off the ball to the running back which in turn didn't go smoothly; thus there was no fumble but the RB was immediatly tackled for a loss. Upon returning to the bench could have been where his composure was lost and was pulled?

I don't think the "loss of composure" was a single, overt eruption of emotion; it seemed to me more of an general uptick in his emotional state you could see in his face, a loss of calmness under pressure, and lack of concentration on things like that handoff to Harris in the open backfield with a sure tackler bearing down where he should have pulled the ball and looked for an option. Just time to take a step back off the field and regain some perspective. I thought, like the TSN commentators, that he might come back in after a couple of series, but he didn't.

Unfortunately, the Lions offense moved to increasing disarray after about minute 5 of the game and had multiple implosions along the way to Jackson coming in as relief (if you can call it that) with the other 11 on the field no longer seemingly capable of making two plays in a row.

I feel like Wally did it to make a point to Travis, sort of telling him that he is replaceable if he can't get it done. 10 points on offense at that point in the game isn't getting it done. I also thought he would get back in later in the game, when it clearly wasn't working with Jackson, and maybe that's why it seemed a little more deliberate.

16 starts... by now he should be getting better, and he seems to be getting worse. I really expected him to have a breakout year.