Why wait till now to fire Joe ??????

8) It boggles my mind to try and figure out exactly who is making the big decisions regarding this football team !!! We the fans knew, Ron Lancaster knew, Management knew, and all the players knew that Joe's offence was simply not working here at all !!!

In other words everyone knew where the major problem was, but the team waits till now to do anything about it !! Why wasn't this move made 3 or 4 games ago, when something still could have been salvaged with this season. Were they waiting to see if things would magically turn around over night !!!

Obviously the move was made now because management had to do something drastic after the fans response on Saturday night !! When the TV comentators are saying that major coaching changes have to happen, that also played a role !!!

If management had the guts to finally make the change now, why did they not have the guts 3 weeks ago to do it ?????????????

It was in Pao Pao's contract that management wait until 15,000 posts on ticats.ca calling for his head before they could fire him... damn clauses

sorry do you mean Jason Maas because he hasn't thrown a decent ball all year?
Was that what you meant?

My opinion is Joe was the fall guy.No matter what offence you have no play is called to throw behind , below or over recievers.
Sorry but I feel most of the blame is at Jasons feet.

Then again I could be wrong because I don't sit in on team meetings like most of you do . :slight_smile:

I was crying during the 41-38 game in Montreal because he must have thrown 650 incompletions... :wink:

Selective memories are for chumps. Football programs are based on cold hard facts. If your O-line cannot block effectively for what is in essence a short-passing attack, it's pretty pathetic. The hitch pass is not a weapon that instills the fear of God in an opposing defence. Same goes for the lethal shovel pass that winds up with an RB bouncing off the arse of an O-lineman for a 2 yard gain.

NO QB in Canada could be effective running this offense as designed, play called, or executed. All this "Hang Maas" nonsense is just that.

Perhaps one's optometrist will be able to absorb that truism. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

One game out of eleven ... that's all you got??

Sorry , not good enough in my books.

You are ignoring my point.

As for your point,

  1. Thu Jun 29 Hamilton 22 Calgary 23

  2. Thu Jul 6 Hamilton 21 Montreal 27

  3. Fri Jul 14 Calgary 17 Hamilton 20

  4. Thu Jul 20 Hamilton 38 Montreal 41

8) Fri Aug 4 Hamilton 26 Winnipeg 11

In all these games -- including the season opener -- we were competitive. Maas's completion percentage for most games before the Toronto disaster at IWS was in the mid-to-high 60s.

IT IS A DESIGN ISSUE. He has had some problems with the long ball -- having torn abdominal muscles and a hip pointer haven't helped.

The O-line has been inept, there has been no running game for weeks...Maas could be Joe Montana in his prime and with this outfit as it has played for the last month, he would still fail.

Give me a healthy Maas and a CFL-ready offensive system and then talk to me about shortcomings.

Ask Jason Tucker and Ed Hervey if Jason Maas was instrumental in them even getting to the Grey Cup game last year.

This team isn't even sandlot-ready and some people asking for a QB to John Wayne it. This isn't Hollywood -- it's the real world. :wink:

Things must be simplified and the line of scrimmage must be contested again because we never establish any dominance on it these days. Quarterbacks cannot win in that environment. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,

alright .. let's use your points.
The system was good enough for those games but not the rest?
I'm confused. :wink:

Does the term "offensive line performance" ring a bell? Please explain to me since the Winnipeg win where we have had ANY consistent offensive line play with the exception of the first drive of the third quarter in the loss in Regina.


In the real world, without an effective offensive line, you are toast.

Eakin and Williams have been equally brutal in their stints (apart from that really nice completion Williams threw against a 20-yard Sask. prevent with their backups in).


Oski Wee Wee,

in only took joe 11 weeks to get fired twice.
anyways i was stumped at his hiring to begin with.