Why Thursday?

It's the first bye week and only two football games to watch this week and they put one on Thursday. Wouldn't it make more sense to have this game on Saturday?

Both teams can start their bye week earlier ! 18 games is a long season , the extra rest is fotr the best ! Plus it’s wing night on Thursday in Winnipeg !

Well if it's wing night in Winnipeg it all makes sense. :lol: :lol:

Not sure why it's on Thursday as both Montreal and Winnipeg are forced to play short weeks as a result and that's exactly when injuries tend to strike, long bye week or not.

However, with the retarded schedule this year, I've given up expecting the league to make sense in how it structures the football calendar.

Could be worse. They could've given us a double-header. :wink:

around 20 years ago the CFL decided to pander to all the cottage people in southern ontario,(who dont attend CFL games ) Why they still do i cant figure out, but im sure they(Bog/TSN) think they will get better tv numbers midweek than on sat in S.O.

actually I like it.

gives me something to look forward to during work Thursday. I love a football game on a Thursday night!

I think the Al's usually play home dates on a Thursday night. That doesn't both me as much as the east playing this week and the west playing next week. I would have liked them to have mixed it up.

If anyone in the CFL is reading this I will volunteer to created next seasons schedule. Free of charge.

I have to imagine that would drive anyone insane! Lucky its not 1991, the league would have taken a freebie like that back then!

Wing night in Winnipeg? Chicken or mosquito wings? :wink:

Works for me though, by Wednesday I'm itching for some CFL so Thursday is good, plus I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I've already missed watching a few games this year which pisses me off.

Yeah weddings suck when football is on. I missed the Argo-Al game last Saturday. Luckly I caught the forth quarter on TSN2 the next day.

Earl, You making it to the RC on Friday? I'd love to collect my beer :lol:

My brother's getting married on Labour Day weekend. I'm going to miss all the games. :cry:

That sucks Chief. Have a good time though anyways, always the next week after and more games.

Is the ceremony that long? 8) 8) 8) 8)

Should be able to catch a few games between "I Do's".

The Als play most of their games in the first half of the season on Thursday. The second half is on Sunday. It has to do with their lease with McGill. A lot of als fans seem to like Thursday games anyways. I guess because they attract more of a downtown crowd.

Well, Sat is the big rehearsal. Sun is the ceremony and reception. Mon there's talk of a brunch. People are eating up my whole freakin Labour Day weekend. :lol:

Agreeing to get married on Labour Day weekend means he either hates football, or he's already hopelessly whipped.

Personally, I enjoy Thurs. games on TV - less conflicts than Saturdays, especially in the afternoon.

In my perfect world, play one Thursday night, 2 Friday and one Saturday night every week of the year.

I prefer one game a night, with only 3 nights off. Gonna hate the next two weeks.

A guy who works for me is getting married on Labour Day weekend but because of the Labour Day Classic the next day. His future in-laws are from Winnipeg and everyone is attending the game. You might say it is the perfect gift opening party - culminating in a Rider win wrapped up in a nice blue and gold bow.

He's more of a basketball fan...