Why there will never be another Doug Flutie

The NFL has learned not to write off players with such talent because of size.

They will never let anyone with Flutie like talent get away unless they got lots of bad attitude and/or off field baggage that Flutie did not have.

Flutie talent plus no baggage = never again in CFL.

That there ex Cleveland QB has already failed before he even might get started.

I am so glad I got to watch Flutie from beginning to end. It was a good ride, never to be repeated in the CFL.

Nice. But college QB are all BIG TODAY, very few are under 6 feet 200 lbs. So chances are no small QB will be available.
Flutie talent plus no baggage = never again in CFL. Yes someone will come along eventually.
Hopefully better the Douglas!!

Hard to believe that the league’s profile was near its worst when he played up here. A lot of people missed out seeing something really special

Will there ever be another? Maybe, but its a lot harder seeing as Flutie came up here for a contract that would still till this day make him the highest paid player in the league. And that was in the early 90’s.

You could say that about a lot of guys... there will never be another Reed ,Moon or Simon... just like there will never be another Gretzky, Mario, Crosby or McJesus. No matter what sport, there always be greats who transcend the game.

I watch every CFL game for 25 years straight which included all Doug's games.
Good very Good. But not the best at all. In BC $350,000 a year. Calgary reported to pay 1 million a year which could be true or false. Owner was a basket case and went broke. Toronto Argos $500,000
reported but unverified salary. So who knows but nice!
Was he great to watch Yes! Was he a great athlete yes! Great guy Yes Yes.
One of the very best but signed a performance deal in NFL which was small.
But his performance contract turn out exceptional due to his play, earning him big bucks over next two years. Rich man today

He got paid more in BC. The salary was what was reported to the league but he had a personal services deal with the former Lions owner Murray Pezim that wasn't registered with the league office.
He also got shares in one of Pezim's worthless mining companies. In total his compensation for playing for the Lions was supposed to be close to $1 million per season. Of course he never collected all his money and the Lions wanted to renegotiate the deal believing as was already pointed out, he didn't have much leverage which all changed when Larry Ryckman entered the situation. Flutie didn't end up getting all his money in Calgary either.

In Toronto, Flutie himself has stated he made $900,000 per year during a segment on NFL films when he joked what a large pay cut he took to join the Buffalo Bills.

Well said, all one can do, is share information as posted facts. Under table deals are, well under table.
Flutie is no doubt in the top 20 of all time. Jackie Parker made $20,000 one year
Gordie Howe made $36,000.

Not familiar with Jackie Parker's situation but Gordie Howe should have gotten paid at least 4X that amount. But back then the players were unorganized, and couldn't fight the owners iron grip on their careers.

But that sort of thing would never happen today in a modern sports league......or would it? :wink:

Actually Flutie was paid $350k in his 2nd Lions season, passing for 6619 yds with 38 Tds plus 14 rushing Tds, according to Frank Consentino's CFL book "Going South", with reliable sources. $350k was also the salary quoted in the Vancouver daily newspapers.

Why would M. Pezim pay Flutie, the 46% career NFL passer who had few other options, $900k per season? He wasn't even the starter for the first half of his rookie CFL season.

Pezim supposedly offered Flutie $600k per season to stay with the Lions, according to Consentino, a quote Pezim made after Flutie had signed a $5M - 4 yr deal in Calgary.

Flutie signed in Buffalo for $225k plus a $50k signing bonus, but ending up earning over $5M with incentives in his first Bills season, with a clause in his contract making the total remuneration in 1998 his base salary for 1999. This forced the Bills to extend Flutie for $19M over 3 seasons plus a $6M signing bonus.

Flutie was definitely one of a kind and like Gretzky he changed the game from a passing heavily influenced league to a passing only league at times .

My feeling is their are always more gems out there maybe not Flutie but someone else that is not getting the shot at the NFL . An edge player who can still can come up here and entertain us with their talent if we open up a spot before their talent expires . I still would like to see one player with a max price of $200,000 over the NFL minimum wage as a ceiling that does not count towards the team cap to get some of these players to try our version of football .The players get the raise they desperately need in 2019 and we get a few more interested parties north we wouldn't normally get before their skills deteriorate .

Right now a Flutie type will be hard to coax up here with such little room to negotiate in compensation .

I think flutie could still play. lol