why there are so many blowouts this season

I think the answer after tonight has to be about the TALENT in the league right now, which is a bit uneven since the Cap isn’t in place yet. Thankfully, that will change next year when it will be in force.

Also, the new blocking on returns doesn’t really seem to be a major factor, although TDs on returns is down this season, and IMO, the league should change back to the old way.

Winnipeg has been picking up some great players, but they haven’t last since they have broken like china, and half hearted players like K. Herbart have taken their places, so IMO, the Bombers should seriously consider firing Taman and look for a guy that can make a great BB team that will LAST A SEASON! Berry also hasn’t impress me much since the last Montreal game, and he should be on the chopping block too, although he will likely survive this season and maybe the next. Hamilton has got to do a lot to fix their situation, and thy have begin to make some improvement for next season, cuz let’s face it Cat fans, this season is lost to you guys.

Please discuss why you think they have been more blowouts then unusually this season.

I think some offensive coordinators have figured out what each particular defense is trying to do, and for some reason the D coordinators unwilling or unable to make the proper adjustments.

I also think the idea of league parity is bs. Some
teams are one injury away from being awful and others
are just plain awful.

I agree! Right now you take out their number one QB and that could mean not making the playoffs! With the exception of a couple of teams of course.

cfl needs:

revenue sharing

a legit salary cap

more throwback jerseys available in stores for the hip-hop crowd.

Why doesnt the league just get a full time hip hop band who wear and sell throwback jerseys??

Hell lets get one band for every city, get them
working full time, they come up with songs about their particular team and also hire a
full time clothing designer for the new home
throwback jersey.

A new jersey for every home game should keep
that designer busy, and when the refs need a
break from watching film, we'll keep em busy

What do you think playmaker?? Not bad, eh!

Eskylo you are on to something here! Brilliant where did you come up with such great ideas of full time bands in each city and a jersey designer! Now if Tom Wright had these ideas he would still be working. Dam you are great! :lol:

good ideas, i believe that the cfl should have an age limit for refs, that refs can be between 25-40 years old, in order to keep them in top shape physically and mentally. The worst ref is that old fart jake ireland, im sick of that four-eyed geek, he screws up calls and called nik lewis of the stampeders a racial slur a few years back, they need to get rid of senior citizens like jake ireland.

Ya Jake is getting a bit long in the tooth. I do believe it was not Jake that called little Niky the name. The guy was on his crew though! I do agree that you should have guys that can keep up with the play as refs. Jake should be watching the games by now!

Hip Hop? ...Bleh

Personally I think they should have the Stones tongue emblazoned on all teams jerseys..and when us old farts feel kinda week kneed from our old age they can play "Start me up" :wink:

In the past, there have been seasons when blowouts seem more common. Uncertain whether there are more blowouts in 2006? There is more parity in the league but blowouts can still occur between evenly matched teams. Natural tendency is for 3 levels to develop over time - top, middle and bottom teams.

I have the feeling that there are LESS blowout games than last year. Yes, week 12 was pathetic but look at it overall, so many games with a 7 points or less differential

even the commentators think that the league should go back to the old kick returm rule, see the To/Ham LDC.

It seems that the eastern teams are the ones getting beat by more this season. Calgary wooped Montreal, Riders pounded Hamilton and Winnipeg. BC beats Montreal with their back up QB. It's the trend this season. West is stronger. Mind you Edmonton got a kicking by Calgary. Other than that game, the western games are more closer scores, and better games to watch.