Why the Toronto / Lions game was not on TV Saturday last...

Thank you for you email to CBC regarding the broadcast in British Columbia of the CFL match-up between the BC Lions and the Toronto Argonauts. I hope the following information is helpful in explaining what happened with the game in your area. Earlier in the week, CBC received notice that the BC Lions intended to blackout local broadcast of this game which would affect viewers primarily in the Vancouver-area. Unfortunately, we also were notified by Shaw cable that due to technical reasons, they would not be able to limit the blackout to their customers in the Vancouver-area only: it would affect a much larger area, as they could not adjust their signal. This is why Shaw Cable subscribers in BC outside of the geographic blackout range also received the substitute programming CBC provided for Vancouver, instead of the game. When we realized how this would affect viewers in Victoria, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, etc., CBC contacted the Lions to ask that they re-consider their blackout decision, but unfortunately,

they declined.

Despite CBC’s efforts to create a workable
solution, this decision, made by the team, league and cable company, resulted in many CFL fans in British Columbia unable to view the broadcast of the game.
We appreciate that those affected viewers had little information about what was happening, and I have forwarded your email to senior staff members who oversee relationships with our cable and satellite providers to see if a system can be devised to
inform viewers of such situations, even in the case of last minute changes, in a more timely manner.
I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact CBC Audience Relations should you have any questions
or comments about our programming in the future.


Denis Andrychuk
Communications Officer
CBC Audience Relations

Okay, so let me understand this. Bob Ackles was stubborn and still insisted on blacking out the game while knowing that due to these mysterious "technical" reasons, more fans than just teh Vancouver area would be deprived of watching the game? So Bob Ackles knew full well what the hell was going on here and still insisted on blacking the game out.

Why? To get an additional 1000 people in the half empty dome? You think a difference of 1000 people in a 60,000 seat stadium would make that much difference?

Bob, it's time for you to move on... get someone in there who will market this team and fill the dome.

I'm sick of all this crapp, from Jeff Patterson's rude comments towards us fans to Neil McRae's poop comments directed towards Wally, Wally clapping his hands after Duncan O'Maney missed field goals, Casey Printers being dissed, Tony Simmons gettiong the boot, now this debacle

so, I wonder what if people disconnected cable and just used antenas, the old fashioned way?
I cant see shaw being in control of CBC signal.
I am a delta cable customer. What if I was outside the supposed blackout area, would I have still been blacked out because of Shaw?? I sure hope not.

I would tell CBC..a great big BULL

who exactly got this supposed email anyhow???

Where is the return email address?

something is fishy here

Yet my son's neighbour who is a Bell subscriber got the game no problem!

Fishy is right!

Get rid of the guy that resurrected the team from being a joke to where we are now? :roll: :roll:

You're Kidding? Right!

well if you think the email is so fishy then why don't you contact Islandman1951 or Denis Andrychuk at CBC? Don't blame the CBC or Shaw Cable; it was the BC Lions who decided to still black out the game.
If you're within range of the CBC Vancouver channel 2 Off Air signal and the game is blacked out there's no way to override it

Got a friend who works with Shaw cable and he has stated many times that if you are on digital, it may be different. But if you are on regular cable, the ability to block very specific areas is very limited due to the technology. As much as we are in a highly advanced electronic age, you would be amazed at how much old technology is still in the pipe.

They have been doing blackout proper for decades, no reason why they cant now.

Then why can TSN / Shaw block cable at the Abbotsford - Chilliwack border? My son has a friend that if he goes one block East from Abbotsford into Chilliwack, he can watch blacked out games.

I still think it was CBC incompetance, since this is their last year doing the CFL.

Sporty , you realize that this is 120db making that asinine comment don't you . You know , dupsdell's twin . This same guy keeps getting run off of lionbackers with his stupid comments. He's quite infamous with his "Wally clapping over a missed field goal" comment there .


I am Islandman1951 as you probably see from my login. I have been a Lions fan since 1991 when I moved to BC. When I can, I travel from the island to Vancouver to attend the Lions games, but you probably know how much the cost is to do that so watching my BC Lions on TV is my best option. I hate watching the CFL on CBC, TSN rocks...

I was so mad when I saw an antiques show on CBC at 7pm last Saturday that I emailed the CBC to complain.

I posted the reply from the CBC exactly as you read it here. Do I have to include my email address to be a real BC Lions fan???

I have heard confirmation from reliable sources that it was the BC Lions organization that blacked out the game on Shaw everywhere in BC and YES they could have lifted it at any time...

BTW an email reply from the BC Lions blamed Shaw...

Read that email here for yourself...

We can appreciate your frustration because you were unable to watch the game on Saturday. Please know that there was a technical problem with Shaw cable's blackout mapping system from which the end result was the game being blacked out throughout the entire province on Shaw Cable. Customers on Bell ExpressVu or Delta Cable outside of the regional blackout area did receive the game broadcast. We do not anticipate this being a problem in future, and do apologize for the inconvenience you incurred as a result.

Thank you for your support of the BC Lions Football Club. We trust you will enjoy the rest of the season.


Terri Breker
Marketing Services Manager
BC Lions Football Club
(604) 661-3627 direct


Looks like CBC and the BC Lions are pointing fingers at each other.

Lets see, knowing CBC's track record in other sports, who should I beleive here??????????? :roll: :roll:

I hear David Braley wanted to be paid a fee by CBC to lift the blackout. When Braley refused, CBC stuck it to the Lions and showed the game anyways on HDTV


Marty York? :roll:
Tony Gallagher? :roll:

Yeah, clearly 120dB hasnt a clue about what he is talking about.

It was available on HDTV, even in the regular blackout area.