Why the ti-cats cannot beat TO

Once again the cat proved that all you have to do to win is don an argo uniform! Despite giving the cats a huge lead (a result of several stupid plays and some bad luck) They were able to yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!! So to all of those ti-cat fans out there remember at time the ARGOS might indeed suck! But the ti-cats will allways SWALLOW!!! GO DBL BLUE!!

you only have to lose by 1 point and it is still a loss

well this is true but they did havea very big lead after the 1st and they ( as is the norm 4 them) let the argos come back . the argos may be my team but still there is no xcuse 4 letting any team come back from that kind of def. They gave the cats every opp. to win by turnning the ball over more often than completing passes.And lets face it the dbl blue are hardly a great football team. There are holes all over the field and thy still find ways to beat the cats every time.And as 4 the 3 point thing - the cats have come that close and even closer in the past 15 games but they put forth that xtra effort and find a way to put a smile on every ARGO fan!!!

because the TI-CATS SUCK.

The Argos Are Pretty Much Set Up To Beat The Tabbies. The Worst Secondary Agaisnt One Of The Best Recieving Cores. And A Sloppy Group Of Recievers And A QB Who Will Throw Into Cover Any Chance He Gets Against The Best Secondary In The League. The Ti-cats Are A Good Team They Just Don’t Have The Depth To Beat The Argos.

[quote=“ticats-swallow”]Once again the cat proved that all you have to do to win is don an argo uniform! Despite giving the cats a huge lead (a result of several stupid plays and some bad luck) They were able to yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!!

I think you should change you screen name to “Selective Memory”. Now, you can correct me if any of this information is incorrect. In the first pre-season game, did McManus not throw 3 straight INT’s. Did you not start with great field position on those? How did those drives work for you? Using simple math 3 postions x 7 points given for a TD with conversion is…21. The final score was 16-16? Maybe math has changed since I was in school. Actually, the Argos lead by a few points for a while until the Ti-cats came back to tie it. So to steal a line from someone this forum…the Argos essentially “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory”

But don’t worry, I won’t call you names, insult you or try and make you look stupid. You can clearly take care of that job yourself.

As a Westerner, I have learned that you should never cheer for any team from Toronto.

The regular season starts next week and I hope the Ti-Cats kick the crap out of the Argos every time they meet in 2005.

Wheres BIG Dave? You gotta stand up for your team man, these guys have there bowels pluged up, you have to give them a verbal enema to clean there heads out!

Currently, Toronto has Hamilton’s number. But I remember when Hamilton regularly dominated Toronto. Teams strength fluctuate over time and cycles(trends) of winning or losing develop. Now Toronto is on top but one day in the future, it will be Hamilton’s turn to rule. For now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ottawa end up ahead of Hamilton this season.

That is true up until a few years ago Hamilton had Montreal’s number as well and BC still does

Yeast, 13-0 is nothing like 24-3. The Argos would of won that game if they had just let Noel try that late field goal instead of Chris Hardy. Besides, we had Peterson in against your 1st stringers, and you had your starter in the game for the Halifax game. Exhibition doesn’t even matter in my opinion, wait till the season when we kill you again.

Oh, this should be some good reading. Please tell me where in those 8 points between 13-0 and 24-3 it’s considers a “Blown Lead”? Where does a “blown lead start”? Is there a minimum number? How close were we to counting a blown lead? 14-0, 15-0?

Don’t be hard on the Cats guys, after all, it is Hamilton’s only pro team.

I could care less what you say about the Bombers, stop spewing crap about the Esks when you have no idea what you are talking about. When you can argue your points with football knowledge and not just slam my team cause you don’t like the name or colors or whatever it is that you use to determine your favorite team, then I will happily listen and give you some respect.

Repeat, if you continue to slam the Esks just cause and for no other reason I will be at odds with you all year. Until you can make football comments based on the talent of the players and the plays they make on the field you have no business saying my team sucks.

I know that the Edmonton has some really good players, I been reading every ones comments about it for the last few months! but I hate Edmonton! (see Rank the team 2)

I’ll slam my team (Blue Bombers) on the jersey issue if I want, but the issue is temporany cuz I know in the next few years the jerseys will change again and hopfully for the better!

I think weve got a great thing going for us this year (as a ticats fan) im hoping to be at at least 5 of the home games this year including Labour Day weekend and were gonna kick your butts then TO…thats all I have to say on that matter. Everyteam at the begginning of the season has just as good a chance as the next team (even if they “suck”) they could suprise a lot of people (not mentioning any team names of course) Why dont we keep the trash talking to a minimum until sometime into the season so we all have somethign to go by and were not just saying “were gonna kick your butts your team sux blah blah blah” Wait until we play some games against each other like comon people.

Well done to the grunters up in Hog Town, you won a preseason game, you must be very proud…Just had a quick look at the stats.It just reminded me of two things, Hamilton leads the series by about a billion games and secondly Toronto is not a football town. Actually, taking the first point forward, if the boys from the boatyard win every regular season game against the Tabbies until 2025, you will still be behind in the seriesI actually forgot how futile the Arrrrggggooooos were as an organization (on and off the field).I quick recap and it all comes flooding back!!!

Then there is your fans, they most loyal bunch in the whole wide world!!whats the average gate going to be this year chaps? Will you break the dizzy heights of recent yearsPopulation of Greater Toronto.about a zillion, average attendance mmmh!, average attendance per capita He Haw!!!and what an atmosphere/echo they all create inside the Dump/Pigory/Skydome/Ginger Rogers stadium!!or whatever you want to call it.if you listen carefully, on game day, you can hear the candy papers rustleand on a really quiet day, you can hear the owners choke when nobody turns up again!!

How is Superstar syndrome going this year?which top notch Argo is going to fall on his faceshould this maybe be plural!!..I can hardly sit still with anticipation.Which Bum is going to bomb!!!

As for the fans of every other team in the CFL, I hope you all have a great season, and roll on Wednesday

Kind Regards

As a CAT fan…it is now 15 games…and I wouldn’t talk about attendence if I were you , as HAMILTON has almost folded , as well…many times.

We are also defending GREY CUP CHAMPIONS.

And isn’t HAMILTON close to BUFFALO? There are 3 football teams within about 1 hour and a half from of each other. :smiley:

Do you have a point, pal?

You wanna talk about “gate”? Hamilton’s “gate” was the laughing stock of the cfl until last year…understand? Give it a rest…700,000 people and no one would show up…even when you guys were half-decent you’s only draw 17,000…don’t believe me? Ask David Braley…

Holy Moses!!!

The point is very simpleI am sorry that I have to dumb it down in order that you may comprehend.

a) This thread is about the Ticat/Arrrrrgggggoooo rivalry.Are you still following

b) The rivalry did not start last night, last week, last year.are you still hanging in there?there is history to this fixturemmmmh.easy isnt itRivalries are not measured over a couple of days, weeks or even yearscertainly not a preseason game.

c) Included as an extra point, I took the liberty of noting that, Arrrrrrrgggggooooo fans want to hand it out they should look at themselves in the first instance.

Have you grasped this far from complex point(s) yet!!!..If you havent.!!!

Fingers crossed all doubt has been removed

Now we get to the 700,000 population, I assume you climbed to the top of a mountain, looked down and did a head count. As a result of your top class information I have contacted City Hall to ask them to change the signs at the City Limits to reflect your 700,000. Although initially unwilling, they said if Moses had spoken who were they to argue. Taking this horrific oversight of fresh airing a couple of 100,000 people they noted that they plan on firing all persons involved in the last census.

Taking your numbers forward…if that was the immediate population of the Boatyardworking on the Arrrrggggooos current per Capita they would have a fantastic five thousand for each home game.not including Ti-Cat games of course!!!

Side issueI cannot remember the last time I heard the word yous…outstanding use of the English language.I am going to use the word yous as often as I can for the rest of the dayshould be a challenge, but worth it!!! you’s…it is like a retro word.

Kind Regards