Why the silence?

The silence is deafening.
Its been 2 days since Saturday night's fiasco and still no word from management.
What about Maas? What about Eakin? What about the slovenly performance of most of the offence? What about Pao Pao? What changes will be made to give the fans their money's worth for the rest of this season? Or will this present state of affairs just continue on until the new coach is hired? Has management given up?
The fans deserve some response.

He does not want Mass to over hear him talking pooly about him :wink:

Who do expect to say what? and by how?

I'd like to hear from GM Rob Katz. It just looks to me like the whole operation is asleep..from many of the players to management. Why?
Don't you think its just good PR to let the fans know what, if anything, will be done to improve things? Maybe we will hear some time this week. I live in hope.

Three Days?
I don't know what game you were watching but the one i saw ended around 25 hours before your post..
(it was a saturday night 10 pm start)
Give the boys a break!

Ooops! Still in a state of shock :? .
It feels like three days. I just edited my original post. Thanks.

The GM and owner can only do so much. Remember, they are already eating Marshall's salary for this year and next year too. If they fired every coach they'd be on the hook for their salaries too, plus they'd have to pay the new ones that are hired to replace the old ones.

People have already bought tickets to most of the remaining games in 2006. The management team will probably let the team struggle to the end as is, then fire all the coaches and start from scratch with a proven coach and the staff of his choice.

I don't think Katz deserves to be fired. He brought in some great talent, player-wise, this year. Do you blame him for hiring Paopao and Coach K? Or is that Marshall's fault?

And Bob Young has nothing to apologize for. He has given the football people in place every tool they need to succeed and have fun, including a packed stadium. This mess is not his fault.

I agree. Just look at Toronto. They identified the problem, & fired the O/C. Since then, they have won 2 straight.

I am baffeled how a mediocre Team like Saskatchewan, playing with a 3rd-string quarterback, can kill us. Like I said, we will finish 3-15 this season, and there is nothing out there that would convince me otherwise. For all you who have said I am not a fan - think again. If I weren't a fan, I would not bother to write.
But these are the realities. We will not begin to win till we CLEAN house, & start all over.
I don't expect that to happen till the season ends, so yes, my 3-15 record stands. I challenge anyone to disagree!

The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I never mentioned anything about Katz being fired...or Lancaster...or Bob Young's contributions. You can check my other posts to see my thoughts about that. I have a high regard for all three of them.
The on field problems did not just start Saturday night. If you are happy about the prospect of this type of football continuing for the rest of the season ....OK. But I suspect many fans are not.
Barring some kind of miracle,the season is over for this team. I would like to see some effort being made to go out fighting. Honest losses I can live with. These are not honest losses because there is a lack of cohesion, a lack of effort on the part of many players...and a lack of discipline. There is a lot of talent not being used. Everyone out there knows this. Its not new.
Its about time management came up with some sort of effort and explanation.

It's easy. We can't stop the run. That's been obvious for the last few years but nothing has been done about it.
The 3rd string QB didn't kill us, the running back did.


Just look at Toronto. They identified the problem, & fired the O/C. Since then, they have won 2 straight.

The reason they won two straight was that Damon Allen was back at the controls.

I agree. The silence speaks volumes. Last year Bob was pleading with us, asking us to understand how bad they all felt after the 0-8 start and promising better things to come. Then we got long rambling messages telling us that the real problem was the way the football operation was organized, but don't worry we've got it all figured out, and since we're smarter than all the other teams in the league we'll create a "new style" management team. Having reached the point where it is plain that this experiment has been a complete and total failure, this bunch have simply run out of excuses.

Have to Agree Playoff are out of the Question.
3 and 15 4-14 maybe 5-13 but no Better.

as Season Ticket Holder I was Angry but I am Just sad and Dispointed in what could have Been.

Next Year I will just Buy Flex pack in Cheeper part of the Stadium..

Box J is Great if your winning
But when your losing it's not worth the Extra Money..


I just had a private message from Rob Katz re my topic.
It certainly looks as if ways are being looked at to do something to turn this team around.
I wished Rob good luck.


I just had a private message from Rob Katz re my topic.
It certainly looks as if ways are being looked at to do something to turn this team around.
I wished Rob good luck.

Perhaps you could share with the rest of us the behind the scenes miracles the Mr Katz has planned

Most GM's are very busy at this time of year dealing with NFL cuts and their agents. Its an important recruiting time for the CFL clubs.

I hate to see our beloved team going through this, but there is something very wrong inside the team and we can just guess at it :frowning:

no, don't.

there's a reason they're called "private" messages.

why did they let marshall go and rehire a person they just fired when it,s obvious offensive co-ordinater was the 1 to go
seems this team has some sentimental junk happening before it was lancaster sr./jr.
now it's lancaster and poau poau (i appologize for the spelling of pow-pow)
who is pulling the strings here


If Rob Katz wants to post what he told me thats up to him. I won't divulge the contents of a private message.
I did suggest he should go public with whats going on though.