Why the silence?

Hey Bobby, can you pretend to be an Argo fan for a day ? Bomber fans need someone to smack with. The only two Argo fans I have seen stirring the pot are Bluto and Argodave over at the ourbombers.com. Truly sad, but even they have their doubts that Bishop is actually capable of winning without his defence and special teams contributing.

Dam you mods for banning saskargo.

....and how about Kanga....ooops ,no he was a supporter of the BigBlue :oops:
..you're right Pigseye...there's not much support for the Argos ... reason....somehow the nfl has got to them....orrrrrrr they just can't be bothered ...They really do need some Rider-type fans at the centre of the universe.....come to think of it ...we might need a few as well :lol:

Maybe (and I can't believe I'm saying this!) the Argo fans are too civilized to engage in such childish behaviour.

Eww...I feel all dirty now.

They should merge these 2 threads I dont think I can keep up on both. I couldnt find the Agros symbol thingy.

I’m with BigDave on this one…don’t see a lot of trash talk between Bomber and Argo fans, simply because they appear to realize it serves no purpose…there are far better things to talk about…


Uhh...the game?

Winnipegs terrible at football should stick to curling. Like that JM

well said jm. I will talk some trash about the argos after the game when my team takes over their home dressing rooms cuz they have no more use for it.

Cum on dont go . The only dressing room theyll be going to is there own on Monday to clean them out.

Of course the Bombers will have to clean up their own dressing room. They're basically setting up shop in Toronto for the next 2 weeks. Now, if I'm Charlie Roberts, I'm grabbing Kevin Eiben's stall. See ya next year Argos (maybe the extra time off will give Stubler a chance to go out and buy a new sweater vest for next year.)

Nice good comeback. 2 weeks is there a allstar game in Toronto the following week. But that wouldnt explain why they would be there though did they have any allstars.


Toronto Fans will be watching NFL or Tennis! Bombers surprise me, they are not all Troy Westwood clones.

West should be a great game, two very good teamms, great environment and lots of fans from both sides.

Jiminez probably didn't have much input on the appeal. Unfortnately the incident was serious but I doubt intentional. Buono is crusty but he was a player too.

As far as head hunting , all I can say is I hope Dave doesn'd get on the field , all is not well with him.

These guys don't hate each other, there is a lot of respect and media hype

Grey Cup stays in the West!!!

Hello, Winnipeg here, No trash talk from me. Hope BC and Saskatchewan have a great game, Saskatchewan wins.

hey BobbyP to bad the bombers had 10 players voted to the east all star tema which i recall correctly is more then the argos put up.

The Only Smoke that will be seen in TO is the smoke from victory cigars the bombers light up right after they light up the argoNOTS

I've been to the Rogers Centre a few times to watch the Als play, and once the Riders.

The fans there, are not any less passionate for their team, like you and I are.

Oddly, I am a Leafs fan (Love the Als, Hate the Habs), and I thought the D held tight tonight, blanking the Sens, and limiting them to 23 shots! :thup:

Go Als Go!
GO Leafs Go! :lol: