Why the silence?

Wow is there an eastern final this weekend. You wouldn't know it with all the smack the Bomber and Argo fans are handing out on the forum. Where did they go? Hankthetank, Pappa and Piggy?

RW05: I was wondering that myself? Had to check to make sure there wasn't a "B" CFL site. I can expect it of To Fans, but surely not Bomber Fans.

Looks like everyone was so wrapped up in Jimenez, that they all forgot about the Eastern Final.


I can barely believe theres hardly anyone from Winnipeg here. It almost makes me want to go back to cheering for them. There a close 2nd.

I know they are all in transit to the Roger Centre. They plan to out do rider fans in filling a domed stadium.

One player, Kevin Eiben, has talked smack, and that's been it basically. Its unusual to see more smack from the players than from the fans, LOL

Quite confidence I suspect on both sides. But knowing that the game will likely be low scoring defence dominated, one mistake likely be the difference either way.

It does seem to be a little one-sided these days... but then, are there really that many T.O. fans on the forum?

On off the record, I found John Brown was talking a little too confident.

piggy u said it. we have played TO a number of times this year of course, and each one has been has been close. we beat them in winnipeg on out last drive, they beat us big and we came back to bring it into 8, and another they made 2 big special teams plays and won.
Really our teams are way to close in the way they play, we all know it and no1 wants to eat his words. All i can say is i beleive in my blue crew and i will let them do the talking on the field.

Don’t want to say too much because smack can come back to bite you in the rear. However, we have the D.L. and his monks praying for us and putting the curse on the bishop who will end running from the surge all day. I think it will be a close game and could be decided by freak plays.

Yeah id rather see my team beat them on the field, rather than trash talk.

Besides, id love nothing more for the Bombers to slip under the radar then all of a sudden be hoisting the cup.

Besides Bomber fans aren't like the Lions fans, or all them cocky bastards. We would rather walk the walk, than talk the talk.

I guess thats why they chant BC Sucks whenever they play there. And remember that scoreboard guy a few years back got fired for putting it on the scoreboard.

The Toronto fans only check in here to see if there's any news about the NFL coming to town. Or maybe any news about someone who can play defense who is willing to play for the Laffs.

Terrible. :lol: :lol:

I don't think the Argo Bomber rivalry is quite as big as the Rider Lions rivalry at this point. You've also got the 2 teams with the best records going to head to head so animosity between fans is high :wink:

You are right Dust. The league did a pretty good number on the Bombers by moving them into the East off and on. We are still in the West so playing the center of the Universe is no what we would like as a divisional play off. Hard to get motivated to smack a team you don't really care about.

Well there are more forums than the cfl.ca ones that BB and T.Dot fans visit. Don't know why the majority isnt here.... could be the retarded posters this site has, but I'm just speculating. There is rivalry, and even though Eiben said BB wouldnt score more than 10, it seems WAAAAAY more friendly than SSK/BC.

Well, I'll help stir up a bit!

Hey Double Blue, it's payback time for last year! You think our offense is only gonna get 10?! You'll be lucky if Bishop throws 10 completions :stuck_out_tongue:

K, it's on like Donkey Kong now!!

WPG/SSK Grey Cup 2007!!

Winnipeg will be lucky to find the stadium.

Ok lets keep it going now there is a game tommorrow.

...quiet confidence, my son....quiet confidence
besides, we've seen what's happend to teams when there's a whole bunch of unnecessary racket made.....if you know what i mean.... :wink: goBombers