Why the mustaches

I failed to see what the prpose of the mustaches was, did anybody catch what the Lions were trying to get across?

From the Lions Website:

Mo' Mania

Basically a team uniting undertaking, instead of playoff beards, that co-insides with November being dedicated to Men's health issues and growing a moustache to commemorate: Mo'vember

Thanks, good on the Lions, didn't catch why and am glad they were doing it for a cause.

Nice cause, but some of them just needed to shave...

Dickenson looked like a 17-year-old trying too hard to get into a bar with his mustache...he looks like a kid at the best of times...that just made him look like a kid trying to look older...

The Lions cheerleaders gave me nightmares with the 'staches! Thought they might be from Burnaby! Just kidding.

The Flames have done it in the past, and usually
come up with the same results.......not pretty.

muttonchops....that one was real bad
ugly suit......that one was pretty good

The moustache thing started back in october as a team building exercise. They expanded the concept and used it to support the Mo Mania thing.

Wally's wasn't any better... and did anyone else notice him constantly playing with his mouth during the game? Looked like he wasn't comfortable with it. :lol:

That was the point - to have fun with it as a team. It wasn't to grow "the best moustache", it was about putting forth the effort in the name of the team. And they did have fun with it. So to judge how they looked is a little pointless.

I love the staches, absolutely fantastic. Just a lil different than the standard dying hair or full beard and definitely a lot funnier.