Why the Lions will lose the Grey Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:cowboy: If the Grey Cup was being played indoors the Lions would win in a walk. However, the game is being played in WINTERpeg. Most of the Lions are warm weather players. Secondly, the passing game is not as effective in cold, slippery conditions and passing the ball is tougher. Thirdly, Dickenson is an accident waiting to happen. He has courage no doubt but not good common sense. DD does not get it after all these years that you do not go head 1st into middle linebackers or safeties when scrambling and running the ball. He is not a fullback, he is an old , very susceptible to injury QB. He will get injured. The slippery conditions favour the Als. I predict the Als in an upset though I am hoping for the Western Lions. Also, the Lions played my riders so they are naturally more sore and tired than the Als are!!

Riders will Rule again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

And you forgot: the Als have a big staplegun to cope with frosty playing surfaces! Remember 1977?... :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean a le gun de staple!!

Montreal is now jinxed. Biased Turkeybend previously picked Saskatchewan but losted instead. Weather is overrated because both teams have equal time to prepare in Winnipeg.

i have a hunch the lions will be enjoying a little bit of bird for fine dining on sunday afternoon lols. have fun everybody.

Thanks Turkey!

Also, the Lions played my riders so they are naturally more sore and tired than the Als are!!
Be serious Turkey! The only time the Lions broke sweat in that mauling was during the post-game celebrating!

Turkeybend you brighten my day. Congrats for bleeding Green win or lose. I am going to qoute DD

"We've got a lot of guys, including myself, who feel we're overdue," said Dickenson. "I want it bad. I mean, you've got to be careful you don't want it too bad and change what you do and you don't just play football. But I want it bad. And it's certainly something I think we deserve. I think we've got the best team, but the best team doesn't always win it."

They will win this Grey Cup, it won't be a walk but they already beat their biggest threat in the Riders. Montreal has some great clutch players in Cahoon, Calvio and Edwards but as opposed to 2004 this Lion's Defence is the best we may have ever fielded. As I predicted in this forum last Tuesday, Joe Smith was the differnce and that bodes well for any conditions come Sunday. The O line dominated the West Final. They will handle Montreal the same becouse there front I don't believe is better than the Riders. Sometimes you have to lose before you have what it takes to win (see 2004 & 2005). This group will win on Sunday and will do it again next year.

That wasn't sweat, that was the leftovers from the big drink containers getting dumped on everyone. :slight_smile:

And the Lions weren't hurtin'after the WDF either, no injuries the whole game. All teams got players from all over Canada and the USA who ALL have played in all weather conditions in their careers . Conditions will be the same for both teams . BTW , Calvillo likes a passing game too.


"I've already started watching the last two games against them," Calvillo said. "It brings back memories. But there are some things we can attack."

"B.C. has done very well in the past, but this is one game," Calvillo said. "We've beaten them before and can do it again.

12 sacks against Calvillo the last time these two played. I'd be more worried about AC being hit than DD.

Mind you, we are quite ahead of you in that category! :stuck_out_tongue:

BC play their games indoors but their practice facility is outdoors, in Surrey. It rains there. They'll be fine.