Why the heck did Hamilton pick up Paopao anyway?

This guy was an awful head coach in Ottawa and is now an awful coach in Hamilton. The Hamilton offense looks terrible under his direction. Why wasn't Paopao canned along with Marshall?

like its paopao whos fmbling the ball.

i love how noone wants to blame the players. maas is washed up. 2 fumbles, everything is off target, he is garbage....and its not just maas, either.

Well I used to blame pao pao, but my god MASS SUCKS, and i dont get why we fired Greg Marshall, atleast he would give players shit, not like Ron where he stands around and looks.
Also when Mass fumbled the ball and gave them the touchdown I was saying to myself to put in Eakin before its another blow out, obviously Ron hasn't, I guess he is waiting for the score to be over the 40's again.

i hate maas, i hate his attitude… he reminds me of the QB for our highschool team, hes got potential, but a big pussy, cant hold onto the ball, and whines and complains, and always blames others over himself. hes a huge baby, i’d never play on that guy’s team.

The throwin Samoan needs to suit up.

I loved the fan asking for the white towel screaming "WE give up."

Karmas biting Hamilton in the butt.

hmm... you got the wrong Maas or what? The Jason Maas we're talking about is the one who sat behind Ricky Ray for TWO SEASON and DIDN'T SAY A WORD about not getting any playing time. And this was even after he threw for over 5,000 yards in a season, only to lose his job once again to Ricky Ray. I have never heard Maas whine and complain, he never blames other players for the loss. After almost every loss this season during interviews he always takes the blame completely for the loss.

Sure he hasn't looked all that good this season, but its probably due to his shoulder/hip flexor/strained abdominal injuries. He wants to win so badly that he'll even play through all of these injuries! Maas has the most heart and is the best "team player" in the league IMO.

Are you sarcastic or something, or are you going to surprise us by telling us that Casey Printers was a team player?

he didnt say a word behind ray cuz atleast he was on a winning team....look where he is now that hes incharge.

im sure he is wishing he was backing up someone on a good team again.

I'm not going to quite get into this one, other than to say that when I saw big belly Ron L looking so p#ssed last week and Maas was standing beside him saying nothing, you could tell the jig is up for him. Maas played second fiddle to Ray, who was; what - a third string with the Jets, behind Pennington who was a BUM at Marshall U., who is being paid the equivalent to the payroll of a CFL team to not play. Say no more.

lol I was right about when Eakin will be able to play.

Jeez.. looks like Sask really wants to prove they're still dangerous with Shivers gone. So much for being confused or deflated.

What has to happen in order for him to lose his job? They haven't scored an offensive TD in their last 3 games at home. They were so quick to pull the plug on Marshall, yet they let Paopao go on forever. Their whole offensive scheme consists of 3 yard sideline passes or long bombs down field. Also; nice job incorporating Corey Holmes. Last year's MVP runner up is getting about 6 touches a game. CLEAN HOUSE NOW! :x

Wow no receivers is tough on a QB! Maas should sue for no support!

Lol its funny how Eakin can get some passes to the recievers, Oh wiat its because he throws the ball at them and not 10 feet over there head or behind them. Although I do agree the recievers should play a little better, but I think alot of it has to do with Mass, I am sick of seeing him, like a few weeks back I would stand up for him, but after that first fumble I said get him off the field or we will loose.

Maas is a good QB those receivers are the worst I have seen in football! Now why in the world can the coaches and the GM not see this! Just pathetic!

Well I think we should give Eakin another shot, this time not when the score is 40-2. Because I think he can connect with the reciever and possibly get us a touchdown at home, because its like Mass never shows up to Hamilton. Oh and with the interceptions this game, something tells me they where just little try-outs for that horrible offence co-ordinator we have, whats his name??? Oh right Pao Pao.

Do I see Maas being traded back to the dark side! :lol:

Thats if any team wants him.

Edmonton you know those guys! I think it is about now where the Cats trade him back right! In a way it serves the cats right for that trade last year. I have to laugh at this now! :lol: